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Friday, 23 November 2012 06:14

Black Friday Blues

Written by Jaqueline Dawes

I have heard all the reasons for frenetic shopping on Black Friday. I only have been shopping once on this day, about 8 years ago, and it was one of the most fear inspiring, frantic, maniacal experiences to date. Normally civilized locals had their sleeves up, elbows ready, and steel determination in their eyes. The lust to win the shopping kill was nothing short of gladiatorial and if you have never experienced a panic attack, this could lead to your first self induced one. As you can tell, I have become too anxious to give this another try. Besides a bargain is never a bargain unless you need it.

The whole concept of waiting for the next 'thing,' constantly wishing away the moment you're in as every future moment must be better, greater, sweeter; is a driver of discontentment. Living in the 'this is less than' world, this moment is never good enough, but the next one might be is the greatest pro-aging activity that there is. The truth is the grass beneath you is greener when you water it.

The worst thing about sale shopping is coming home with many things that you don't really want, but there was no resistance to what appeared to be the beautiful bargain. The long lines of standing, the inaccessibility to the rest rooms, the immobility of the crowds seem to all be part of the thrill. The angry mood can start flaring up and a distinct feeling of energy drain can cling like a grey cloud overhead.

A good action plan can really help if you really want to go and tackle Black Friday. Have a list of everything you want before you go. List the stores and order you will go to them. Set yourself a budget. Have somebody with you to specifically help carry your bags. Allow enough time to handle the crowds. Think out the parking plan. Know where you will take a food break. Carry your funds carefully. Have a pouch for all your receipts. Move away from anybody who becomes angry. Try to avoid taking very young children.

Stay calm, stay focused and accomplish your task if you want to avoid Black Friday Blues. Happy shopping!!!!

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