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Saturday, 24 November 2012 04:59

Let Go of Holiday Worry

Written by Jessica W.

We know that stress and anxiety are destructive, that they harm our emotional and mental health and release hormones in our bodies that negatively impact our physical health as well. We know that we shouldn’t give in to worry, and yet it is so hard not to.

We allow ourselves to feel stress, anxiety and worry; and allow these emotions to gnaw on us the same way fear does; yet we are not afraid of anything substantial. So often we worry that the roast will not be cooked on time or our guests will not enjoy themselves and we end up ruining half the holiday for ourselves simply out of unnecessary stress.

Letting go of worry and opening ourselves to vulnerability helps alleviate much of this anxiety. This changes our expectations of the holidays; we realize that they do not need to be perfect, that holidays are unpredictable and that is okay, because their entire point is to bring joy and pleasure to those who celebrate them.

You cannot plan and control your way to an amazing holiday; it happens on its own while no one is looking. Those unscripted moments we remember the best - sipping hot chocolate on a snowy balcony, preparing dinner with family in the kitchen, listening to stories around a crowded table - those are the unplanned moments of joy that happen regardless of how much anxiety we allow ourselves to feel.

You cannot enjoy the holidays if you are too busy rushing about and feeling stressed. Slow down and savor the steady unraveling of togetherness and celebration that is bound not to disappoint.

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