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Sunday, 25 November 2012 03:50


Written by Jessica W.

When is the last time you sat down and wrote a lengthy handwritten letter?

Letter writing has certainly become a lost art. We document ourselves on computer screens, through phone calls, in 140 heedless characters and even, once in a while, person to person. But never on paper. Never in pen and ink and effort.

And letter writing truly is an art. A letter requires care to convey meaning and intent, requires deep thought and concentration, and cannot be accomplished while simultaneously watching television and texting friends. Letter writing is a dual expression of intention and attention.

Communication is not about being faster, getting things over with and moving on. It is about expressing yourself in carefully chosen words, about conveying care to the recipient. Anyone can fire off a quick encouraging text message that is read, appreciated and later discarded. But a letter is something of meaning, deeply personal and cherished perhaps for decades to come.

Perhaps we could all try to write a letter to someone in the next few weeks. Perhaps we could find the time to express ourselves to someone we love or who needs it most.

Who do you need to write a letter to, to communicate all the things that get lost in between texts and off-handed phone conversations? Who do you most want to truly talk to and connect with? Pour your thoughts into paper, and your words will truly have an impact.




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