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Monday, 26 November 2012 05:04

The Merit in Hospitality

Written by Jessica W.

Hospitality is a sort of underrated gift in our times. It used to be that one would readily and happily open their doors to friends, family, and acquaintances. Because it was such an effort to travel, visits were an important, cherished time to spend together. The holidays were a time of bringing family together, of tightly knit community and togetherness.

Today, though, we take hospitality for granted. In times when it is so easy to travel from one state or country to another, when hotels and restaurants are so commonplace, we forget that visiting creates and nurtures such an important bond with those we love. Travel may be easy, but spending time with loved ones is no less important simply because the option is more available. Oftentimes we forget that, and ironically end up not seeing those we love simply because we think, “oh, we can see them any time!”

That sort of attitude has to change if we want to fully enjoy what our lives have to offer us. We should not take the ability to travel for granted, or become eager for the departure of our guests because we think they can come back any time. Rather, we should endeavor to enjoy every moment with those who bring us happiness because they are truly worth our while.

The holiday season is a perfect time to be mindful of the joy and happiness that company brings us, and honor the presence of loved ones in our lives. Rather than let visiting and travel create anxiety within us, remember that we are lucky to be able to gather together with friends and family.

Wholeheartedly enjoying the people we are surrounded with and expressing gratitude for our loved ones takes a bit of the stress out of the season and helps us be a bit more mindful of our joy.

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