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Thursday, 29 November 2012 21:40

Telling Yourself the Truth

Written by Jessica W.

Honesty sometimes seems to be the more difficult path, whether it is because we do not want to face the pain of owning our mistakes or prefer to paint another picture of reality for ourselves.

Yet in the greater scheme of things, honesty is easier than denial because although it hurts, honesty frees us to act on those things we prefer not to see. It opens us to the possibility of accomplishing great things and has been shown to boost our mood and productivity – honesty feels good because in accepting the truth, we step into our personal strength to do something about it.

Honesty honors our worthiness; are we not all deserving of the truth? It respects the self, and is a kind of self-compassion that creates surety of the self that cannot be taken away.

If we can take responsibility for all the things in our lives – our greatest accomplishments and biggest failures, our smallest choices and day-to-day activities, we accept that we are worthy of honesty and can heal from the things that have hurt us rather than denying them.

The easiest way to manage the self, including recovery and happiness, is to face everything honestly. We grow a quiet strength out of truthfulness that cannot be warped, changed or taken away. It gives us the power to represent ourselves in our words and actions, and opens immeasurable doors to healing and happiness.

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