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Monday, 03 December 2012 03:52

Afraid to Think

Written by Jacqueline Dawes

Have you ever had that morbid and stressful racing thought pattern that makes you want to stop thinking? When all your conversations have to become vague because the sheer contemplation of thinking a subject through feels so heavyweight that you know you will break out with an anxiety sweat if you start. Have you found yourself talking in that socially accepted throwaway language often used to circle difficult discussions forming crutches for unclear thinking? Realizing that we are saying words that mean nothing and have no direction has a negative impact on our whole self-identity.

It is very fascinating that most of our identities are actually very flexible. It is often the reason why people can find themselves in a totally new environment, but can survive very well indeed. Survival is usually associated with taking positive actions. They say need is the mother of invention. When we need something enough we also become the most positive about how to get the thing we need. Every positive action you take leads to positive thinking and a new collection of positive memories. The more positive memories you make the more positive your unique personal identity will become to you.

When negative thoughts of loneliness and emotional detachment absorb your mind day and night you must try to do at least one positive action. Sometimes lighting a few candles can be gentle company. You don't have to wait for somebody to give you flowers, you can go and buy some flowers for yourself for no reason at all other than you like flowers. I was sent a pajama gram once. It was one of the nicest things I had received. I've been sending them to myself ever since.

Racing thoughts, negative thoughts, painful memories are very much improved if you decide to build some new positive memories. These don't always have to involve other people but they do need you to do at least one positive thing for yourself everyday. Having a positive love affair with yourself, meeting yourself where you are at, and nurturing your mind instead of running from it will create a very mood improved you!!!!

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