Thursday, 11 August 2011 02:38

Riots, Returns, and Reinvention

Written by Jacqueline Dawes

Seeing the explosion of riots in London shows you how quickly things can change. Many of the traumas I have heard about from the women I work with have come about from nothing they did at all. They were simply 'there' at the time. The trouble is, being just 'there' may develop feelings and memories which may make a person want to shut down. The body is amazing in the ways it deals with trauma and many women make a good recovery. Others just simply disassociate. Many women do not even know they disassociate, they just lose time and memory. For some, it is a trauma coping mechanism but it presents many difficulties when the children remember things for which mum has no recollection. As the children return back to school, lots of women know they will move into the hardest season of the year for them; the holiday season. Women frequently do another reinvention of themselves, often forcibly trying to be all that everybody needs them to be. We know the 'sad ' (Season Adjusted Depression) months are coming and each year the bouts of depression become slowly longer. For those that have disassociative episodes mixed in, they feel less and less in control of their lives. Your own household may be as much of a riot as those experienced on the streets of London.

Women come to Brookhaven Retreat for personal recreation as they know they cannot go any further forward with their lives. If you are losing memories of time and feel as if you are having a disconnection to your day-to-day life, please have it investigated as it may be a clinical condition that needs very specific attention. Ignoring things does not make them go away; it allows them to become worse.

To learn more about coping with S.A.D. you can read our “Holiday Survival Guide” or call us at 877-817-3422 to see how we can help you.

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