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Wanting What You’ve Got

Written by Cindy C.

There is a Sheryl Crow song that states, “It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got”. Getting caught in the proverbial trap of materialism is a highly ineffective pattern for filling the hole in your soul. At some point in time, many people think that happiness and joy come from “things”. In talking to people blessed materially and having had the opportunity to have had “stuff”, I have been educated on the value of wanting what you got.

I have read that people who have their basic needs met; food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and money to cover bills…to those who are multi-millionaires, that there is no real difference in quality of life. This tells me it is important to have an attitude of gratitude to all we do have and not concentrate on what we don’t have. Today I am grateful for many things, having something to drive, a roof over my head, and especially food. I am no happier in a BMW than I am a in Ford because I know it can get me where I want to go. Doesn’t mean I like the Ford more, it just means I am blessed to have it and I am grateful.

Gratuity gives a spiritual connection like no other; you begin to feel so blessed and eager to help people who don’t have their basic needs met. That connection starts filling the void, that emptiness that echoes through our heart and soul. Loneliness and despair are slowly replaced by contentment and joy. Life is good! Once again rich with life, rich with love, those circumstantial problems start to be put in perspective. For me being single became OK. When I met someone I was very slow to move, knowing how good it all already was. This helped me to develop a healthy relationship based on being OK with myself. I don’t need anything to be happy except myself and my spiritual connection. What freedom from bondage!

Wanting what you’ve got is a slow process. It usually starts with a gratuity list every day. Watch over time as the list grows and changes. Even if you don’t feel grateful, write it down anyway. As you continue, you will find that you will start appreciating the things on the list. Prayer may be helpful to some, but meditation is equally as potent. Once you start feeling it, the gains are limitless. Start working on wanting what you got today, the payoff is fantastic!

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  • Monday, 27 August 2012 21:27 posted by Lora Buntin

    What a powerful message Cindy! I've observed similar in my own life. Really, if we have our basic needs met & we're still breathing, there's more right with us than wrong! I suppose I got this from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. If you're not familiar with it, you might learn a bit more about yourself by checking it out! ( Also, I established & try to follow 'the attitude of gratitude' not only for myself, but utilized it in raising my children. And gratitude lists totally work if you stick with it! Great blog!

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