I am strong, smart, capable and beautiful

As a child I was filled with so much life. I was confident, driven, energetic and happy. My world was full of love and laughter. By 25 years of age, I had lost almost all of my childhood gifts and life seemed to be leaving me behind. I rarely got out of bed and simple tasks such as showering took more energy than I had. I had no job, no direction, and little interest in things that used to give me pleasure. The relationships I was in at the time was emotionally abusive yet I couldn't find the strength to walk away. The only thing I felt could comfort me was an even more dangerous relationship than the one with my boyfriend. Alcohol had become a serious problem for me.

One day I received a call from my mother regarding something she found on the Internet. My mother was always searching for help for me and I have never been receptive to her efforts until I learned about Brookhaven. Less than two days later I was on a flight to Tennessee.

Brookhaven Retreat is a spectacular place. The women here are non-judgemental, kind, and amazingly supportive. I have never trusted anyone like I trust my Brookhaven sisters. The staff is very attentive and friendly. My therapist here is the best therapist I have ever had (and I have had a few). Individual and group therapy has been incredibly helpful. In all groups I have learned helpful tools and developed skills that help me overcome obstacles and get through every day. I have learned to regulate my emotions, ways to manage my time and efforts, how to have healthy relationships, how to lead a happy life, and so much more. In the time that I have been here, I have been happier, less anxious, my relationship with my family has improved dramatically, I have not craved alcohol, I am productive and motivated, and generally feel fantastic. I will be eternally grateful for the care I received at Brookhaven and would encourage anyone to give it a chance because it has truly changed my life. I am excited to finally start living the life I dreamed about because I know today that I am strong, smart, capable and beautiful just the way I am. Brookhaven has helped me realize that.

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