That little girl inside me is healing and turning into a beautiful woman

Where to begin but the beginning? My spirit was crushed, my heart was sad all the time. My three year old inner child was trapped inside me. She wanted out to tell the horrible secrets she knew, she couldn't hold them in any longer. I ended up in a psych hospital six times for suicidal tendencies. By that time the little girl had to be let out. I began to journal and she started telling stories of sexual abuse that were too horrific to share. I would draw pictures to let the stories out. By the last visit to the hospital my husband said we needed real help. We had heard of Brookhaven Retreat from a family member and decided it was time to make the call. You answered the phone Jacqueline. I started to cry and said I needed help! You said to get on a plane immediately before you die. And so I did.

I spent three long and wonderful months at Brookhaven. You matched me up with the perfect counselor according to my need. The programs and classes that were available to me were extremely valuable to my recovery. I worked tirelessly to get well. Jacqueline, you got me involved in EMDR which is a wonderful tool that I use to this very day. That little girl inside me is healing and turning into a beautiful woman.

I take my aftercare program very seriously. I never miss my EMDR appointments (twice a week) and I also see my psychiatrist every two or three weeks. I see a nutritionist weekly which helps to minimize some of the side effects of my medications. It is extremely important to me to call into Brookhaven every Monday evening to participate in the aftercare program. It is another form of therapy and support that I use and appreciate. I highly recommend it to all Brookhaven alumni. I think I'm very fortunate to have a husband who was willing and able to let me stay at Brookhaven for three months; many people tell me he's a keeper. Additionally I have three wonderful children that wanted so badly to see me get the help I needed. They just wanted their mom back. They deserve to have that and they will, because thanks to your help, I'm really working hard to heal.

Jacqueline, it is my goal to someday be able to help other women the way you have helped me. Thank you with all my heart.

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