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Thursday, 10 October 2013 19:57

October is Spa Month

October is Spa Month

October is National Spa Month, a time when many spas offer discounts to women coming to rejuvenate themselves. In October, Brookhaven Retreat celebrates the importance of self-care for emotional wellness.

Many women wind up placing the needs of careers, children, spouses, family and friends above their own, giving time and attention to others but forgetting to care for themselves. In an attempt to soothe this stress and neglect, many women double their focus on others so that they become even more unable to care for themselves. Others may turn to addictive behaviors such as shopping or substance abuse in an attempt to fill this emotional void.

Women need to recharge in order to live healthy lives. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy Woman publication states that consistent self-sacrifice can lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse and poor self-esteem. Self-care is not a time of indulgence but rather a time of balance that helps reduce stressors and negative emotions. When given time to relax and refocus, women are better able to use their wise mind and make decisions free from the strain of self-neglect.

Self-care nurtures a woman’s self-esteem as she treats herself with the same care and attention she gives everyone else. Women in residential treatment learn that self-care begins in the mind and is tied up with how they perceive themselves. By practicing self-care and cultivating a positive self-image, women create the self-compassion necessary to support long-term mental wellness.

Brookhaven Retreat reminds women that they must nurture themselves in order to experience wellness and joy in life. In October, it encourages all women to begin a routine of self-care that nourishes emotional health.