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Take an OCD Self Test
For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:

Do I have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?

This brief self-test for obsessive compulsive disorder provides a general assessment of where you might be emotionally and can help you to decide whether you could benefit from treatment.

For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:

1. Do you become preoccupied with keeping objects (clothing, decorations, pantry items, etc.) in perfect order or arranged exactly?
2. Do you feel driven to perform certain acts over and over again such as, excessive hand washing?
3. Do you worry about throwing things away even if you don’t need them, often thinking, “someday I may need this?”
4. Do you fear catching a disease or coming in contact with germs?
5. Are there days when you think about certain words or images that you are unable to do anything else?
6. Are there times that you find you cannot stop counting during certain activities?
7. Do you sometimes try to distract yourself from a thought that your partner is doing something that he/she would not want you to know about?
8. Are there days when you cannot think about anything else than hurting or killing yourself?
9. Do you repeatedly check items such as light switches, stoves, faucets, and locks?
10. Do you find yourself avoiding certain numbers, names or colors that are associated with unpleasant thoughts or events?
11. Do you pull your own scalp, eyebrow or eyelash hair when you feel anxious or stressed?
12. Do you feel the need to touch, tap, or rub certain items or people in repetition or pattern?
13. Do you feel that you are easily distracted by certain sounds or noises such as clocks ticking, buzzing or loud sounds?
14. Do you find yourself spending continuous amounts of time writing and re-writing notes as well as making lists?
15. Do you have excessive concerns over communicating in social situations and replay the events over and over in your head?
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