For the women that come to Brookhaven Retreat, depression is much, much more than just sadness or unhappiness. Depression has no age limit. The ladies who come to Brookhaven Retreat have had a depressed mood symptom lasting for most of the day for a number of weeks or months, and in some cases years. When the sadness lasts for a longer time, and the symptoms of depression may subside for a short period only to resurface again, it is referred to as chronic depression. Those who are afflicted by chronic depression are sometimes able to carry on their day-to-day activities adequately enough, but are constantly unhappy. Many of the women who are depressed have a number of other symptoms they are dealing with every day.

For depressed women it is very important that you learn, understand and know what depression does to your life and how that impacts the ones you love. At Brookhaven Retreat depression is treated as the illness it is. 

To find out if your symptoms point to depression, take our depression self test.

While in residential treatment you will go on a journey of self-exploration along with full medical diagnosis and support. As women we are often taught not to listen to ourselves, but rather to the needs of others and our community. We know depression destroys self-esteem and confidence. Guilt and shame are one of the reasons many women do not get the correct help for the illness of depression and yet when we begin to listen to ourselves and trust our own emotions we find hope.

At Brookhaven Retreat, we use a holistic approach bringing together careful diagnosis, medication management and therapy to re-establish a living rhythm that is right for you.

Get help for depression now, or call us at 877-817-3422.

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