Co-occurring Diagnosis Difference

Brookhaven Retreat is a fully licensed co-occurring-diagnosis treatment center for emotional and mental health conditions as well as addiction. Being fully licensed and staffed to treat both mental health and addiction issues is an important distinction to look for because it provides women seeking help with the greatest amount of resources to address all aspects of addiction and mental disorder.

Many women have a combination of substance abuse and other diagnosable issues. For treatment to be effective, the two must be defined then treated and managed appropriately and in symphony with each other. Our integrated approach brings together psychiatric, therapeutic and medical staff in one location. Our staff are skilled at exploring the mental, emotional and addiction issues with careful attention to organic issues which may be related to these. They collectively formulate a path to stability and wholeness that is tailored specifically to you. This will reflect your unique life experiences and medical history. This treatment actively combines a variety of clinical techniques to address substance abuse and its related behaviors along with mental and emotional health disorders in order to treat the whole woman more effectively. Medication management is one tool of many that we use to complete our holistic approach.

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