From columnist and bestselling aouthor Suzy Welch comes a powerful, proven strategy for claryifying life choices. In this book we will learn a fast and powerful way to get unstuck in love, at work, and at home.

Amongst other things you will learn

  • Welch proposes a transformative solution to the pressure of the demands of the moment, helping us tease apart our deepest goals and values, candidly face our fears and dreams, and rid ourselves of frustration and regret.
  • 10-10-10 has shown its effectiveness in decisions large and small, routine and radical, getting us out of neutral at home in love, and at work. Across the board, this immensely useful and revelorory idea provides us with the tools to regain control of our choices- and ultimatlely reclaim our lives.

Pick up a copy and start reading in preperation for the group 12-13-10 where we will process and talk about the content.

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