Questions for Treatment Centers

Brookhaven Retreat offers the highest quality care available and seeks to provide the best possible environment for recovery, but we understand that Brookhaven Retreat cannot accommodate or assist every client.

However, we still want to help you find a facility that fits your needs and there are important things you should know about whichever facility you choose. This list of questions has been prepared to help you learn what you need to know about the staff, services and facilities of any treatment center you are considering so you can make a well-informed choice.

You may download a PDF document of this list at the bottom of the page.

  1. What is the staff to client ratio?
  2. Do they have contract staff that work there? (example: psychiatrist/therapists)
  3. How often do patients see the psychiatrist or nurse practitioners?
  4. Are there services to address physical illness on site?
  5. Are your therapists licensed? What are their credentials?
  6. How often do patients see their therapists? Individually, family sessions, group?
  7. Is the facility licensed for both substance and mental health treatment?
  8. What are the entry-level providers' qualifications?
  9. What different types of therapy are provided?
  10. Which professionals make up the medical team? What are their degrees or certifications?
  11. Is the facility credentialed through a regulating body? (example: JCAHO)
  12. What are the different creative treatment modalities used in therapy?
  13. What are the specific rules or guidelines new clients need to know?
  14. Do the facility provide a full medical detox?
  15. Is it a coed facility?
  16. Do the clients have to detox before admitting?
  17. Can the facility accommodate a client with suicidal thoughts or ideations or would the client be asked to transfer to another location?
  18. What are the policies for correspondence with outside friends and family? Can the clients use phones or internet? What are the protocols for this?
  19. Does the facility provide aftercare? Is there an additional charge?
  20. Does the facility provide family or couples therapy? Is there an additional charge?
  21. What are the restrictions for clothing and personal items being brought with the client? (i.e., can they have shoe strings?)
  22. What would the structure of a usual day be at the facility for a particular client?
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