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Wednesday, 17 February 2010 18:19

It was such a healing time for me

I don't know how to tell you how life-saving Brookhaven has been for me. I credit so much of my healing to you [Jacqueline] and Marta.

From the day you took me into your office and told me so many good things about myself, how you believed in me, and how you took a chance by inviting me in to Poncho-a tremendous amount of my healing began that day. I have loved Poncho because of you. Thank you for sharing of yourself, for the amazing tools and life coaching you have taught. Through you and Poncho I've learned more self-confidence, self-esteem-because you built that in me. I've learned a lot about myself from the assignments-they've been incredibly helpful and often soul-searching.

Thank you for who you are and all you've done for me. It was such a healing time for me. Thank you for being there and for sharing all you did.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 17:20

Licensing & Accreditation

State of Tennessee licensing

Brookhaven Retreat is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities for the following:

  • Adult Alcohol and Drug Residential Detoxification Treatment
  • Alcohol and Drug Residential Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Unit
  • Mental Health Adult Residential Treatment

Brookhaven Retreat undergoes a thorough review from the State of Tennessee annually to ensure that we meet the quality standards set forth by the state. Brookhaven Retreat had an annual inspection in November of 2009 and the review found that Brookhaven Retreat meets the standards required by the state.


Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations (JCAHO), which has surveyed this organization and found it to meet the requirements for accreditation.

JCAHO accreditation is nationally recognized as the Gold Seal of Approval in Health Care. Once you receive your accreditation, which Brookhaven Retreat received in 2006, JCAHO will come on site for regular on-site reviews, every 3 years. Brookhaven Retreat completed a JCAHO review in 2009. The results of the review indicated that Brookhaven Retreat is committed to meeting the rigorous national standards continuously. When completing a JCAHO review, it requires involvement from all of the staff to ensure that the standards are continually being met. The staff at Brookhaven Retreat will continue to have a high level of involvement in this process in order to maintain the high standards set forth by JCAHO and have continued compliance with the National Patient Safety Goals, which were validated by JCAHO in 2009. Annually Brookhaven Retreat completes a Periodic Performance Review through JCAHO to ensure that we are following their standards and guidelines.

"Brookhaven Retreat 's accreditation achievement is a demonstration of our leadership and staff commitment to excellence," says Jacqueline Dawes, Founder of Brookhaven Retreat. "Behavioral heath accreditation by the Joint Commission requires organization-wide dedication to providing safe, client-focused care, treatment and services."

For more information on the Joint Commission, please visit their Web site at


Brookhaven Retreat has been awarded a Certificate of Participation for a Health Consultation Inspection by the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) Division and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Brookhaven Retreat receives an annual inspection from a TOSHA representative and in April of 2010, our inspection was reported as "No fault" by the inspector.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 17:07

Confidentiality & Security

Confidentiality is an issue of paramount concern for individuals who choose to come to Brookhaven. It is the philosophy and practice of Brookhaven that each client is entitled to privacy, individuality, and choice, all of which assist and empower the client to feel emotionally and physically safe.

Breaches of safety and trust have been a common experience shared by many of our clients before they arrive at Brookhaven, and for that reason, it is a pivotal belief that disclosure and truth enabling the client to move forward cannot be achieved without confidentiality, safety, and trust.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 16:32

Brookhaven Facilities

Brookhaven Facilities

This gallery features the beauty and comfort of the Brookhaven Retreat campus.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 14:41

Luxury Facilities

The Brookhaven Retreat Campus

The property at Brookhaven is nestled on a naturally beautiful 48-acre site secluded in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains. The grounds are superbly landscaped, adding to the tranquility and serenity that is needed to make the journey of introspection and self understanding. The ability to stroll though the woods or by the creek, or to jog along the walking paths will allow you to find a quite place to mediate. Each season has a beauty of it's own at Brookhaven, which experiences none of the extremes in weather. The grounds include a ropes course, ball park, nature trails, and stabling for our four Tennessee Walkers. Team building exercises with your program companions teach you many things about yourself and your relationships with others.

Our client rooms and common areas are furnished and decorated to provide a homey, comfortable healing environment.

Physical Fitness & Bodywork

Physical fitness promotes emotional and mental wellness and a variety of approaches are adopted to assist those that have allowed this to fall to the wayside, also those that already know this has been essential to their lifestyle. Onsite we have a range of fitness programs which can include walking, core exercises, stretching, dancing, Pilates training. Off site there is weight training, cardiovascular training and indoor swimming. A range of other specialized classes are available seasonally.

Holistic bodywork services , including acupuncture, reflexology, massage, salon and spa therapy are available off site. These types of services can be very useful for pain management issues.

Restoration Meals

Meal times are an essential part of each day as self  nourishing is part of self loving. Emotional eating or not eating has become one of the clear indicators that our clients have felt disconnected from themselves.

Our Kitchen team work to produce a spa cuisine that will tempt those that have lost interest in food and assist those that have stopped caring what they eat. The kitchen team work with the dietician and menu consultants to provide stimulating food that recreates the interest in clean food and redirects from  comfort eating to life cleansing eating. There is very careful preparation that takes place using market fresh foods with emphasis on seasonal approaches. Any specific dietary needs can be discussed with the dietician and lead chef .

A variety of beverages and snacks are available continuously.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 13:46

Our Mission

A woman with emotional breakage often cannot feel love, safety, confidence or self-belief and therefore does not experience truly meaningful relationships with others or herself. Such a woman goes through the motions that try to fulfill societies expectations of her so she is considered 'normal', yet she never feels complete or centered but remains alone.

Instead of feeling self love and self respect and comfortable with herself a woman with emotional breakage often feels empty and lost constantly second-guessing. How hard she is trying to use behaviors to fill the emotional gap many of which may be damaging to her life and relationship management and without the insight necessary prolongs and perpetuates the cycle. Slowly feeling worse and worse a hopelessness sets in, some women suffer in silence with clear mental health symptoms such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety to name a few.

In order to find comfort and to distance themselves from feelings of emptiness, worthlessness, confusion, some women find themselves turning behaviors that temporarily make them feel relieved such as shopping, over-achieving, pleasing, but find they have slowing slipped into an addictive process that they cannot stop. Other women find themselves depending on prescription medication, alcohol, recreational drugs, sexual activity, cyber relationships, gambling, or working.

None of these actually take away the emptiness and feelings of aloneness the woman is experiencing. They simple are tools that temporarily numb out the feeling. However the problem always returns so the addiction cycle remains.

None of these behaviors give the woman the centered wholeness which alludes her, they actually destroy her self belief, self esteem and confidence until she becomes totally disempowered to the point for some of wanting to just give up. During the practice of addictive behaviors, a woman does not usually anticipate the consequences of her actions, but knows she desperately wants her life to change. The woman just does not know how to bring that about. Women find it very difficult to ask for help because of guilt and shame they may feel. They are often the keeper of secrets and lies that the very thought of sharing almost paralyzes them with fear. Most women because of their nurturing nature often think that they should be able to fix their issues themselves.

Very few connect emotional breakage with addiction.

The clouds of addiction, substance abuse, emotional breakage and mental health issues are dark and threatening and do not have a history of being kind to women.

Helen Keller said
  "Keep your face in the sunshine
                 and you cannot see the shadow."

Our mission at Brookhaven is underpinned by the belief that there is never addictive behavior without emotional breakage. Women need a multi track program which closes down the noises of life to hear the voice of their own interior person. Upon listening to their own inner voice during this profound journey of Introspection with the assistance of a range of clinical professionals a clear identification process must begin.

During this process the client must always feel safe and aware of the vast array of resources available to her in her growth whilst at Brookhaven and understand to remain safe she must plan for a life of emotional maintenance. A framework has to be understood and built offering freedom within that framework that allows the individualisticness of centeredness to exist and be felt within each woman.

To have the most effect on a woman the program must be gender specific to create the freeness of speech that is necessary to emotional growth. All barriers that make successful treatment less effective must be removed. The needs of women physically, emotionally, spiritually mentally and men are totally different. Brookhaven's program specifically only looks at the needs of adult women and is constructed so as not to be punitive but empowering and comprehensive.

It is Brookhaven's core belief that for women to function to their optimum they have to be able to stand alone rather than being afraid of being left alone. Whatever they are feeling, to know it, understand it and own it brings about that result. Self-regulation leads to self-love and long-term wellness.

It is not enough to know the "jargon" of treatment. Knowledge does not make a person well. It is the ability to apply that knowledge to your particular situation and life that leads to long-term positive outcomes. There is no quick way to do this it takes time and hard work that is why the program is 90 days. There are many tools a woman has to learn to use. No tool is valuable if you leave it in the toolbox. Working tools are what help a woman to succeed. So learning how to use tools is essential in the development of self-esteem.

Healing means to become comfortable with yourself, feeling accepted, confident, empowered and valuable as an owner of life this is progressively achieved through a range of modalities of skilled therapy, medical management, overall wellness and life reality skills.

Each woman's unique life journey for newfound balance can be found not through dependence but centered independence. At Brookhaven we are determined to help a woman to help herself in a fully integrated holistic program that offers no judgment, stigma or shame rather understanding, growth and long term sustainability.

The Brookhaven Retreat, LLC mission is to provide high quality, cost effective comprehensive treatment and education to individuals and families affected by psychiatric disorders and/or chemical dependence.

Thursday, 11 February 2010 13:26

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Sunday, 24 January 2010 22:48

Good Out of Pain

Brookhaven Retreat is a powerful testimony to the good that can come out of pain.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:33


Brookhaven Retreat offers treatment for women who have experienced trauma that has led to emotional and mental health conditions. Women suffering from the effects of sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, domestic violence or post-partum stress often become chemically dependent or have coexisting psychiatric diagnoses. AS a fully licensed dual-diagnosis treatment center, our team of medical and clinical professionals can effectively work with you on all fronts and develop a path to wellness specific to your recovery needs that addresses your unique life experiences and medical history.

Not understanding your mental health issues is like living in a cocoon, a very restricted and limited life. ON the journey at Brookhaven Retreat we teach you to thrive. Secrets and lies are often what keep women emotionally and mentally sick but it is possible to recover from the emotional breakage that result from trauma. Our clients find the camaraderie of an all-woman facility to be a worthwhile support as they begin their recovery.

We are proud of our program and the treatment we provide, and we welcome questions as you begin searching for a treatment center. We are available at all hours of the day to provide you with information about Brookhaven Retreat, as well as specific information about the focus and approach of our programs.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:32


Anxiety or panic symptoms can be severe enough to interfere with a woman’s daily life. She may feel excessively nervous or shaky or overwhelmed by tasks that were easily done in the past. The feelings of panic can become so overpowering that she may feel like she is having a “nervous breakdown” or even feel like she is dying.

Women who suffer from anxiety are often so embarrassed or frightened by the feelings of panic that seem to come from nowhere that they are often hesitant to seek help or not even aware that help is available. Compounding the issue is a tendency to withdraw from family and friends out of fear that a panic attack might strike, which makes the anxiety only worse and further erodes away at enjoyment of normal pleasures. Other symptoms of anxiety or panic that may interfere with a woman’s ability to function include:

  • Racing heart or feeling “shaky inside”
  • Trouble concentrating or thinking straight
  • Feeling like running away
  • Having so much nervous energy that she has to pace constantly
  • Fear of leaving the house or a particular room of the house
  • Fear of being around crowds or excessive noise
  • Trembling hands, feeling smothered, or being unable to breathe
  • Trouble finding the right words to explain how she feels
  • Feeling overwhelmed by activities of daily living
  • Losing track of time or having trouble managing time
  • Flashbacks about traumatic or upsetting experiences
  • Having trouble sleeping or having nightmares

Treatment for anxiety can be complicated because the source is not always clear. Recent changes in life circumstances may trigger a severe episode of anxiety or such feelings may be a post-traumatic reaction to past stress or trauma experiences. The most effective treatment is through a comprehensive approach factoring in life circumstances, medical history and an understanding of the underlying reason for the problems. At Brookhaven Retreat, our medical and clinical staff can are adept at assessing a woman’s experience of anxiety or panic and tailoring treatment to her particular needs. If you think you or someone you care about is having trouble with feeling excessively nervous, frightened or panicky, please call us and let us help.

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