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Also called manic-depressive disorder, bipolar is characterized by extreme mood swings. Women experiencing this may feel like they are on a constant roller coaster. The manic phase of bipolar disorder is the “up” side and the depressive phase is the “down” side of these severe mood swings. Swings from high to low may occur in rapid cycles, even within the same day, or each phase may last for weeks or months. This instability of mood can be devastating for women and their families.

A woman may feel on top of the world or out-of-control during the high-energy manic phase and then will swing into an extreme state of depression. Often, frustration with such out-of-control feelings leads to episodes of rage or aggressive outbursts.

Treatment for bipolar disorder can be complicated because of resistance to stay on medications. A woman with bipolar disorder may have difficulty finding an experienced bipolar therapist who is able to address life circumstances, medical history, the severity of symptoms and the disorder’s impact on daily life. Medication management differs from that of depression because some anti-depressant medications can trigger a manic episode rather than stabilize mood. Social support is so valuable to a woman experiencing bipolar disorder yet so often their extreme mood swings cause alienation and shame. 

Brookhaven Retreat psychiatrists and therapist work together to assess depressive and manic symptoms to provide bipolar disorder treatment in a compassionate and non-judging environment. If you think you or someone you care about is having trouble with mood swings, we can help you determine the best route to get bipolar treatment.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:31


Mania is the “up” side of severe mood swings characteristic of manic depression. It can be an extremely elevated mood or a time of very high energy. A woman may feel on top of the world or out-of-control. Frustration with such out-of-control feelings may also lead to rage episodes or aggressive outbursts. Whether the woman’s manic experience feels wonderful or scary, the episode ultimately ends in burn-out or a swing to an extreme state of depression.

Mania may also be reflected in excessive shopping/spending, gambling or sexual behaviors. Inability to make good judgments about personal safety may be especially problematic. During a manic episode, a woman may not recognize manic behaviors as dangerous or problematic and may have to depend on family and friends to recognize the “red flags” of a potential manic episode, such as:

  • Disorganized thinking or an inability to focus
  • Excessive talking or rapid speech
  • Filled with nervous energy that she has to pace constantly
  • Not being able to sleep or not wanting to sleep
  • Shopping or gambling sprees
  • Sexual promiscuity or heightened interest in sex
  • Driving too fast
  • Obsession with grandiose and unrealistic ideas
  • Not taking prescribed medications

Treatment of mania depends on several factors that include life circumstances, medical history, severity of symptoms, and their impact on daily function. If you or someone you care about is having trouble with manic symptoms, please contact us and take the first step toward getting help.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:31


For the women that come to Brookhaven Retreat, depression is much, much more than just sadness or unhappiness. Depressional has no age limit. The ladies that come to Brookhaven Retreat have had a depressed mood symptom lasting for most of the day for a number of weeks or months, and in some cases years. Many of the women who are depressed have a number of other symptoms they are dealing with everyday.

For depressed women it is very important that you learn, understand and know what depression does to your life and how that impacts the ones you love. At Brookhaven Retreat depression is treated as the illness it is. 

While in residential treatment you will go on a journey of self-exploration along with full medical diagnosis and support. As women we are often taught not to listen to ourselves, but rather to the needs of others and our community. We know depression destroys self-esteem and confidence. Guilt and shame are one of the reasons many women do not get the correct help for the illness of depression and yet when we begin to listen to ourselves and trust our own emotions we find hope.

WE use a holistic approach bringing together careful diagnosis, medication management and therapy to re-establish a living rhythm that is right for you.

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Contact Your Loved One

Family members and friends may contact Brookhaven Retreat using the following information:

Brookhaven Retreat
1016 I.C. King Road
Seymour, TN 37865
1-877-817-3422 or (865) 573-3656
Fax (865) 609-6216

Please remember when visiting or contacting your loved ones that Brookhaven Retreat adheres strictly to standards and procedures that protect client confidentiality.

You may email your loved one at .

Messages left for clients will be posted on the communication board outside the Program Director's office.

Flowers, gifts, cards and letters will be delivered to clients daily.

Please speak with your loved one's primary therapist prior to sending gifts.

Download the PDF document below for information on resources local to Brookhaven Retreat, including hotels, florists and attractions.

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Family Program

We know how important your family member is to each and every one of you. The purpose of family visitation is to have a pleasant experience with your loved ones. We encourage you to save your issues and concerns for your scheduled family therapy sessions with the primary therapist.

To assure safety during visitation we ask you to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Approved items only
    • Please e-mail your loved one's therapist prior to bringing items.
  • If bringing flower arrangements, please have them in a plastic vase.
  • Guidelines for young children:
    • Unfortunately staff and other clients are unable to watch children, so please make sure to have supervision for your children during visitation.
  • Please visit with your loved ones in the community areas only.
    • Visitors are allowed to view loved ones rooms with supervision from staff.
  • Board games are available during visitation upon request.
  • Please leave your pets at home.
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Alumnae Community Website

The myAlumnae web site is a private, Facebook-style virtual community our clients can use to stay connected to the friends they have made while at Brookhaven Retreat. This valuable resource allows our clients to continue to share with and support one another as they continue to recover and pursue a healthy, happy life.

If you are a Brookhaven Retreat alumna, click here to visit the Brookhaven Retreat myAlumnae community website.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:21

Alumnae and Family Resources

At Brookhaven Retreat we feel strongly that the success of our clients is best supported when loved ones are involved in their treatment and their follow up care post discharge. While the person who comes to us for treatment may be in the greatest level of distress the entire family system is often affected and often needs support, education, and therapy as well to solidify the gains of the person seeking care. The best way a family member can support or help their loved one is to be involved and take guidance from those who are working clinically with them while at Brookhaven Retreat and on an outpatient basis when they return home.

While at Brookhaven Retreat we make efforts to involve the family in treatment in many ways. Please keep in mind, it is always up to the client as to who they will authorize us to involve in their care but this is something we strongly encourage. We offer family therapy to our clients at least once a week as recommended by the primary therapist and treatment team. We have a standard visitation time every Sunday afternoon, maintain weekly contact with family, and offer on and off campus therapeutic passes with family when it is appropriate in the course of treatment. After all, the family will be the informal support that our clients have when they return home and we want to educate and strengthen these connections to allow for the best transition home possible.

For our alumnae we continue to encourage family involvement in treatment after our client's have returned home. This may take place in outpatient family or marital therapy or support groups for family members to attend with their loved one or independently. Again, maintaining a positive support system is a crucial piece of long-term success in recovery. Being willing to involve family in your care both during and after this treatment and for family to be willing to engage in your treatment efforts will be essential.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:19

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Brookhaven Retreat women-only?

Research has shown that when people enter co-ed facilities, they often make relationships that are carried on after treatment and can perpetuate addiction. Additionally, a women-only facility has proven more effective for those who have been victims of sexually, mentally and physically abusive relationships, which need to be resolved for a successful recovery.

Will my stay be kept confidential?

All clients' names, treatment and release information is kept absolutely confidential. Additionally, Brookhaven Retreat is secluded on 48 acres of pastures and woodlands with security cameras that monitor all entrance and exit doors to prevent unwanted visitors and uninvited guests.

Do patients have private rooms?

Brookhaven Retreat offers semi-private rooms upon initial admission and some may move into a private room upon advancement in their treatment. Research has shown that a client's experience is richer and fuller when they have a roommate.

Are there visitation hours?

Clients may have visitation once per week and on designated holidays, once they have met with their primary therapist and appropriate visitors have been authorized.

Can I smoke?

Yes, tobacco smoking is allowed in a designated smoking area outside the building.

Can I use the telephone?

You will be able to use the phone to call approved loved ones. You will work with your therapist in identifying who is on your approved call list. Any other calls must be discussed and approved with your primary therapist. Your close-care provider will assist you and remind you of phone times and limits.

Do you ride the horses?

No, our horses are trained and used in a clinical setting. They help teach us to trust, learn patience, and to feel again.

Do you accept Pets?

Though we definitely have a love for animals here at Brookhaven Retreat, we are unable to have clients bring their pets with them during their stay. Many of the women have allergies to particular types of animals and it would be very difficult to manage these allergies with an animal residing on the premises. If you have a loved one here for visitation, they are welcome to bring your pet with them for a visit. They would simply need to bring current documentation that the animal is fully vaccinated and the visitation would have to occur outdoors.

Can I bring a cell phone?

Though you are welcome to bring your cell phone with you, when admitting, we will place your phone in our safe. When entering into the program, we want you to become fully involved in the program and not be distracted by the noises of life. If you are in need of making a call, a staff member can help you with this. Some of our ladies will choose to send their cell phone home. Others like to have it in the safe so that they may check it out when leaving on pass.

Do I have access to a computer?

As you progress in the program, there will be added privileges. There will be times in which your primary therapist will give you a computer pass to complete an assignment. There may be a time later in your treatment where you will need to check your email or pay a bill and we can make arrangements to help you do so.

Can I receive packages and letters?

We definitely allow and encourage packages and letters. There are very few things that can bring joy the way a package or letter can. Mail is delivered to you daily by our Floor Managers. All packages will be opened in front of staff to ensure your safety. Your loved ones may also send you flowers or balloons to the facility. We just ask that all floral arrangements be sent in a plastic container to prevent possible breaks.

Can my loved ones contact me by email?

We have staff available day and night to receive emails from your loved ones. Receiving words of encouragement or affirmation can really help keep a you going! Whenever you receive an email or phone message, our staff will post this on the message board within the facility which you can check throughout the day.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes, we have two laundry rooms for the women to wash their clothing. These laundry rooms are available throughout day time hours, 7 days per week.

Can you accommodate special diets?

If you let us know of any special dietary needs, we will be sure to accommodate these. Additionally, every client meets with the dietician within the first week of treatment in order to review any additional needs. If there are any concerns you are always welcome to express these to the dining staff as well.

How can I obtain my medical records from Brookhaven Retreat?

A master copy of all medical records will be mailed to each client 45 days after discharge, provided the necessary releases have been signed. You may copy and distribute these to your other providers as you see fit. Brookhaven Retreat does not accept requests for medical records.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:13

Admissions & Payment

We are proud of our program and the treatment we provide and welcome any questions you may have as you begin searching for a treatment center. Admission specialists are available daily to provide information about Brookhaven Retreat, as well as specific information about the focus and approach of our programs.

All calls are kept confidential and an admission specialist may ask several questions about the kind of treatment you or your loved one may need, as well as some background information.

We can discuss placement availability and other assistance such as transportation arrangements or other specific services.

Brookhaven Retreat is fully accredited and licensed in four distinct areas of expertise:

• Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Unit
• Mental Health Adult Residential Treatment
• Alcohol & Drug Abuse Residential Detoxification Treatment
• Alcohol & Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Treatment

Brookhaven Retreat is a certified dual-diagnosis center for depression, mental health issues, emotional trauma, and addiction, as well as a licensed detoxification facility offering female-specific treatment.

Brookhaven Retreat is a private pay treatment center and does not accept insurance as a form of payment. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client. Brookhaven Retreat does not employ insurance billers and accordingly, insurance claim processing/coding and pre-certifications are not provided. Your fee must be paid in advance and is non-refundable. We believe that this financial commitment greatly enhances your prospects of successfully completing the program. For these reasons, if you plan on relying on your insurance to reimburse you for any portion of your treatment expenses, it is imperative that you contact your insurance company to get the details regarding your coverage well in advance of your admission to our program.

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:12

What to Expect

If we really want to describe Brookhaven, I suppose it could be called an emotional finishing school for women.

Each client will work closely with her primary therapist to develop a very individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan will include specific goals that the client will work on as part of the program. The plan of treatment is agreed upon by the whole clinical treatment team with input from all clinical professional perspectives integrated, and this treatment plan is discussed with the client.

Core group therapy is different from "group therapy." The core group experience at Brookhaven had been one of the most appreciated peer modalities. While individual therapy is very important, a small peer group also has a dynamic that cannot be achieved in a one-on-one or in normal group therapy. The primary therapist's core group, which normally consists of six to seven clients, treats the disclosures of the group members as sacred but provides essential feedback.

The Lily Program™ consists of six levels requiring projects and skill sets to be achieved and accomplished along with the understanding and demonstration of emotional regulation within the community at Brookhaven. Each week a client can apply for level up. This is a time of great celebration as we see the progress of our clients and as they support each other.

There are many opportunities for artistic expression and many other creative outlets. When a client is working with a specific issue, there may be very directed experiential assignments set to assist the client to move through what may be difficult for her.

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