Brookhaven Retreat is a powerful testimony to the good that can come out of pain.


The Premier Treatment Center for Alcoholism, Mental Health, Depression & Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, Brookhaven Retreat can help. Simply stated, we succeed where others fail.

Brookhaven Retreat is a unique voluntary residential treatment facility specially designed to help women overcome alcohol addiction challenges, depression, emotional trauma, and other issues affecting mental health.

  • Fully accredited and certified dual-diagnosis facility
  • Highly successful treatment program
  • Full alcohol detoxification and suicide prevention certifications
  • Features Lily™ - Brookhaven's proprietary life realignment program
  • Full concierge and travel assistance available
  • Brookhaven Retreat offers modern, holistic care with compassion and respect from our highly trained expert staff, managed by our full time medical director psychiatrist

Currently this is a repeat of some of the material on the home page. If we don't want this content on the home page, we can leave this here. Otherwise, we may want to revise this. The point is to introduce this section, which will discuss the reasons Brookhaven is different, better, more successful.

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