Self Assessments

Do I have the "Adult Child of an Alcoholic" personality?
For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:
1. Do you tend to lie over small things even though the truth is just as easy to tell?
2. Do you have a difficult time identifying what normal behaviors look like?
3. Do you have difficulty letting your guard down to have a good time and often take life too seriously?
4. Do you often feel extremely responsible for others?
5. Do you have a difficult time completing tasks or following through with a project to the end?
6. Do you often feel that you are different from others around you?
7. Are you very hard on yourself and tend to have negative thoughts about yourself?
8. Do you have a need to have constant approval from others?
9. Are you a very loyal person even if the loyalty is not deserved?
10. Do you have a difficulty maintaining healthy intimate relationships?
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