Self Assessments

Am I suffering from excessive stress?
For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:
1. Do you find yourself easily tired or fatigued?
2. Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because your body is tense or your mind is racing with stressful thoughts?
3. Do you have more difficulty with decision-making and concentration these days, or find that you’re forgetting things more often?
4. Are you experiencing usually high blood pressure at times when you are feeling stressed?
5. Do you find yourself drinking alcohol more to relax, smoking to deal with stress, or using other ‘vices’?
6. Are you experiencing muscle tensions in your neck, back or jaw?
7. Do you find that you have a ‘short fuse’ these days—that you’re more sensitive, irritable, or easily frustrated?
8. Have you experienced weight gain or weight loss that you suspect is due to stress?
9. Do you have a general feeling of being overwhelmed by everything you’re dealing with right now?
10. Do you find yourself getting less joy from your work and feeling a sense of burnout?
11. Do you experience stomachaches or gastrointestinal issues like constipation or IBS that get worse with stress?
12. Are you experiencing adult acne that may be related to stress?
13. Do you feel less social than usual?
14. Do you find yourself getting sick more often than usual?
15. Do you find that your libido has decreased, or that you’re just too tired for sex?
16. Are you losing your hair and suspect that stress may be a factor?
17. Do you experience tension headaches?
18. Do you often feel anxious about things you can’t control?
19. Do you feel like things will get done faster if you handle them then if you rely on others?
20. Do you find yourself too busy for your normal daily activity?
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