Self Assessments

Do I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:
1. Do you often feel that you are an underachiever or have not accomplished enough in your life.
2. Do you struggle with getting organized in your life
3. Do you have a tendency to put off tasks due to a fear of not doing them right?
4. Do you often have multiple projects going on at one time but have difficulty finishing any of the projects?
5. Do you feel very uncomfortable being boarded and often look for new and exciting things to do?
6. Do you get distracted easily and find yourself tuning out or drifting away during conversations?
7. Do you have a low frustration tolerance and can get impatient with other quickly?
8. Do you have a tendency to act before you think in a situation and thought of by others as impulsive?
9. Do people often say you have mood swings?
10. Do you tend to have difficulty sitting still?
11. Have you struggled with low self-esteem most of your life?
12. Do you have difficulty staying on task when not in a structured environment?
13. Have you always felt that you were less intelligent than other because of your lack in ability to concentrate?
14. When you read do you 0ften have to re-read the information due to being easily distracted or daydreaming?
15. Do you feel that even thought you are easily distracted at times your concentration can be extremely intense on a specific task, to the point that you am unaware of anything else going on around you?
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