Self Assessments

Am I an enabler for someone else with a problem?
For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:
1. Do you take care of your loved one’s bills because they are unable to manage themselves?
2. Do you make excuses to others about your loved one’s behaviors (boss, friends, family)?
3. Have you bailed your loved on out of jail?
4. Do you accept your loved one’s explanations for their negative situations?
5. Do you believe your loved one when they say they can deal with their illness on their own?
6. Do you take care of your loved one’s needs and have neglected your own?
7. Do you avoid discussing your loved one’s problems with them in fear of their response?
8. Have you set boundaries with your loved one but you don’t follow through with the boundaries in time of crisis?
9. Do others tell me I need to stop rescuing my loved one?
10. Do you hide from others the extent that you help your loved one?
11. Does interaction with your loved one cause financial and emotional strain?
12. Have you lied to others about your loved one’s illness?
13. My loved one’s illness is causing problems in my personal and family relationships
14. Do you feel guilty about your loved one’s drinking or drug use?
15. Do you desire to help your loved one get to a better place but you like that they rely on you?
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