Take the Next Step
There are so many negative emotions which roll around the very thought of reaching out for a higher level of clinical help.

Self-disappointment, shame, guilt, anxiety, fear, second guessing, anguish, hopelessness, helplessness, and a feeling of being overwhelmed are often the feelings that accompany the mere thought of getting more help.

A person may know that nothing is going to get better at home because she has already tried so hard. Secrets and lies keep women sick. It is not what has happened in a person's life that is most important; it is what that person does about what has happened. Judgment is for the ignorant and is not part of the Brookhaven ethos; only you have the whole story of you. We want to know your story and teach you how to become well. Only you can take that step to leave the land of the "walking dead" and find your way to the land of emotional wholeness. We have the tools. You have to be willing to take them and learn to use them.

It is up to you to have the shackles of emotional slavery removed.

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