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Here are just a few of the success stories shared by our alumnae to express their satisfaction and gratitude for the program and to inspire other women to take the steps they did to gain control of their lives.

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Brookhaven Retreat's staff includes masters-level therapists and an experienced and dedicated medical staff consisting of nurses and a licensed psychiatrist. The ratio of staff to clients allows greater access to resources and personalized care.

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Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:25

For Women Only

Written by Administrator

We recognize that women are different than men; we have different emotional thresholds; we must meet different societal demands; and we have different physical needs than men. Our programs are specifically tailored and take into consideration the roles each client has within family and society to achieve a long-term plan of maintained wellness.

The safety and security a community of women fosters allows clients to disclose things that are very difficult or impossible to disclose within a co-ed arrangement. Issues of a sexual, violent, abusive or abandonment nature can be more fully explored and better resolutions achieved in an environment free of judgment or shame.

Along with the camaraderie, honesty and safety that each woman helps to foster at Brookhaven Retreat, as women we also bring a personal understanding and empathy for each of our struggles. An environment of women cuts through or eliminates many distractions and allows each client to focus on what is most important, her wellness.

Many client families also value the security that an all female environment creates.

If you or your loved one is struggling with emotional breakage and mood disorders and is trying to cope with them by using one of the emotional escape tools such as alcohol dependancy, substance abuse, shopping, co-dependent relationships, isolation, anger, or any of the other methods used to try to survive, Brookhaven Retreat can help. Simply stated, we succeed where others fail.

Brookhaven Retreat is a unique voluntary residential treatment facility specially designed to help women overcome and manage alcohol and medication challenges, depression, emotional trauma, bi-polar disorder, anxiety and mood disorders that leave a woman feeling trapped with no means to escape or move forward successfully. For some women it feels like "walking dead', alive but not really living and not knowing how to emotionally connect to self as the inner emptiness is so profound.

These types of emotional, mood and mental health disorders leads to distorted thinking and allow poor choices to govern their lives. Living with the emotions, choices and experiences becomes overwhelmingly impossible. Some feel that they just do not know how to live, creating a totally hopeless feeling and the woman emotionally paralyzed but not knowing that is what has happened.

Women do not choose to be like this, it gradually evolves and engulfs. Some call Brookhaven Retreat an Emotional Finishing School for women where through a multi-modality approach the real truths about you, your life, and how your relationships have evolved can help you understand why this has happened and what needs to take place for you to work through this and develop coping and living skills that can work for you.

Some women do not know why they are escaping or closing down, some are afraid to know. This type of woman needs a very safe environment that allows a therapeutic journey of true self discovery. A women has to own to possess and own to give away. A woman has to own herself. Most have to learn how.

The fact of the matter is that you have to want more for yourself. Being willing to take a sabbatical from life accelerates the damage control process so you can think plan and strategize what it is going to take to manage change. Some have to retreat from the noise of day to day life to hear their inner voice so they can understand what has happened and embrace what needs to happen for their lives to move forward.

Fear, secrets, lies and having been emotionally unprotected at some point are the biggest blocks for a woman seeking the higher level of care she might need.

A learning and resolving process has to take place so you know what resolution, coping and living skills are necessary for you. If you don't manage emotional and mental health issues they will manage you.

  • Fully accredited dual diagnosis program for women.
  • Highly successful Treatment Program.
  • Full alcohol and substance detoxification and suicide stabilization certifications.
  • Features The Lily Program™ - Emotional self regulation program.
  • Features Poncho™- Brookhaven's proprietary life realignment program.
  • Residential tracts for both substance abuse and mental health.>
  • Full concierge and travel assistance available.
  • Brookhaven Retreat offers contemporary, modern, holistic care with compassion and respect from our highly trained staff, managed by our full time medical director psychiatrist.
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