What to Expect

If we really want to describe Brookhaven, I suppose it could be called an emotional finishing school for women.

Each client will work closely with her primary therapist to develop a very individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan will include specific goals that the client will work on as part of the program. The plan of treatment is agreed upon by the whole clinical treatment team with input from all clinical professional perspectives integrated, and this treatment plan is discussed with the client.

Core group therapy is different from "group therapy." The core group experience at Brookhaven had been one of the most appreciated peer modalities. While individual therapy is very important, a small peer group also has a dynamic that cannot be achieved in a one-on-one or in normal group therapy. The primary therapist's core group, which normally consists of six to seven clients, treats the disclosures of the group members as sacred but provides essential feedback.

The Lily Program™ consists of six levels requiring projects and skill sets to be achieved and accomplished along with the understanding and demonstration of emotional regulation within the community at Brookhaven. Each week a client can apply for level up. This is a time of great celebration as we see the progress of our clients and as they support each other.

There are many opportunities for artistic expression and many other creative outlets. When a client is working with a specific issue, there may be very directed experiential assignments set to assist the client to move through what may be difficult for her.

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