Detox Program

Upon entering Brookhaven Retreat, women may need detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol, as well as time to gain emotional stability. Close-care quarters in the detoxification center allow our medical staff to monitor clients, insuring their medical needs are being addressed. We have RNs available around the clock, supervised by a nursing director and three physicians.

The detoxification process can be painful and debilitating. At Brookhaven Retreat we have a medical detox unit that is able to expertly address the extreme risks for certain client groups. Our number one priority is to keep our clients physically and mentally safe and absolutely as comfortable as they possibly can be through one-on-one care.

Focusing on the comfort of our clients, during detoxification is a key difference for Brookhaven Retreat. We find that addressing the important medical complications of detoxification while managing the pain and discomfort of withdrawal allows or the journey of self discovery and healing to begin in the most positive light possible.

This was taken from both the GNP site and the GH edited content. Is there more to say here? It seems like people will be very concerned about this. Would more details help them feel better? The GNP site contained a personal statement from the doctor.

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