For Women Only

We recognize that women are different than men; we have different emotional thresholds; we must meet different societal demands; and we have different physical needs than men. Our programs are specifically tailored and take into consideration the roles each client has within family and society to achieve a long-term plan of maintained wellness.

The safety and security a community of women fosters allows clients to disclose things that are very difficult or impossible to disclose within a co-ed arrangement. Issues of a sexual, violent, abusive or abandonment nature can be more fully explored and better resolutions achieved in an environment free of judgment or shame.

Along with the camaraderie, honesty and safety that each woman helps to foster at Brookhaven Retreat, as women we also bring a personal understanding and empathy for each of our struggles. An environment of women cuts through or eliminates many distractions and allows each client to focus on what is most important, her wellness.

Many client families also value the security that an all female environment creates.

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