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Important Information About Insurance

Brookhaven Retreat is a private pay facility. This means that the client or client’s representative will pay for all costs of treatment directly from their own funds.

  • Brookhaven Retreat does not accept any form of insurance, whether such insurance is commercial (such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, etc.) or governmental (such as Medicaid, Medicare, Tenncare).
  • Brookhaven Retreat is not in any insurance network. This means that Brookhaven Retreat is an out-of-network provider for all insurance.
  • Brookhaven Retreat does not provide and cannot produce detailed itemized billing statements. Clients are charged a flat fee per thirty-day increment of the treatment program. SINCE ITEMIZED BILLING STATEMENTS ARE NOT PRODUCED, IT IS UNLIKELY AND DIFFICULT FOR A CLIENT TO OBTAIN REIMBURSEMENT FROM INSURANCE FOR SERVICES RENDERED.
  • Insurance companies typically require two types of medical coding of services in order to reimburse claims. These codes are diagnosis codes and procedure codes. Brookhaven Retreat will provide a diagnosis code but cannot provide procedure codes, as services are not accounted for on a procedure type basis. IT IS UNLIKELY AND DIFFICULT FOR A CLIENT TO OBTAIN REIMBURSEMENT FROM INSURANCE WITHOUT PROCEDURE CODES.
  • Brookhaven Retreat does not bill on a daily or per-session basis.
  • Brookhaven Retreat does not prepare or submit insurance claims for clients.

Despite all of the above, some clients have limited success in obtaining some reimbursement from insurance, however these results are not consistent, and accordingly, clients cannot depend upon receiving an insurance reimbursement for Brookhaven Retreat’s services. We do not want to give potential clients an unrealistic expectation of insurance recovery. Accordingly, we strongly urge all potential clients to get a clear understanding from their insurance company BEFORE committing to begin treatment at Brookhaven Retreat of the realities of having claims paid by insurance. To receive a correct answer from your insurance company of these realities, your insurance company must know the following:

  1. Brookhaven Retreat is out of network.
  2. Brookhaven Retreat does not have a contract with any insurance provider.
  3. Brookhaven Retreat does not prepare itemized billing statements.
  4. Brookhaven Retreat does not do any sort of medical coding.
  5. Brookhaven Retreat only bills on a flat rate 30 day basis. It does not account for its services on a daily or per-session billing.
  6. Brookhaven Retreat does not prepare or submit insurance claims.
  7. Brookhaven Retreat does not participate in the precertification process.

This statement can be downloaded as a PDF file using the link below.