Our Success

Because emotional breakage often causes an individual to use emotional escape tools such as alcohol, prescription medication, emotional eating, isolation, co-dependency, and other survival methods, we treat such emotional breakage with a multi-level approach.

Medication management is directed by our medical director through the process of diagnosis and continued throughout a client's treatment and stay at Brookhaven. A team of registered nurses work closely with the physicians delivering the nursing services twenty-four hours a day to ensure the wellness of our clients. The "physicianal" advantage of a small residential program is that the clients' responses are seen throughout each day. Because the staff works closely with the physicians serving in the field, continuity of care is the standard. Whilst in the support of a strong therapeutic program, the concerns about which medication will work or not work and what the proper medication dosage should be can be quieted as the tools of the program teach the individual how to trust the process.

Clients work with a primary therapist on an individual basis and in small core groups, which allows identification and processing to be both individually and peer addressed.

To further the development of much stronger coping skills, clients work with a program therapist in addition to a primary therapist. This moves a person to take her thinking, self-esteem, and confidence to a place that creates emotional self-identity and empowerment. The Lily Program™ is unique to Brookhaven and is a progression mapped tool.

The Poncho program creates new approaches to life skills. Many mood disorders and dependencies either do not allow for the development of real life skills or, in some cases, cause real life skills to just drop away as apathy for life increases. The Poncho Program is unique to Brookhaven and is a life realignment tool.

The Sweet Pea program is a self-value and personal development tool which redefines what an individual stands for and who that individual is. It is the catalyst for lost or never developed self-passions that identify an individual's moral belief system. This allows a person to move from feeling nothing to embracing choice. It develops the ability to own the values that will shape an individual's personal integrity.

The success we have is the result of the integration of all these approaches along with the experiential pieces of the program.

Read our Success Stories page for personal accounts from our clients describing their experiences with Brookhaven Retreat.

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