Take a Grief and Loss Self Test

For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:

Should I seek treatment for my grief and loss?

This brief self-test for grief and loss provides a general assessment of where you might be emotionally and can help you to decide whether you could benefit from treatment.

For the most accurate results, please answer each of the following questions as truthfully as possible:

1. Have you been struggling with the loss of a family member or friend for more than one year?
2. Have you had any major life changes recently such as moving to a new state or loss of a job?
3. Have you recently had a relationship end, which you are currently struggling with that loss?
4. Are you currently experiencing major depression, substance abuse or stress as the result of a recent loss?
5. Have you experienced a sense of loss as a result of your children moving out of the house or getting married?
6. Are you experiencing a lack of emotions as the result of a recent loss, leaving you with a numb feeling?
7. Are you crying uncontrollably?
8. Are you not able to get out of bed?
9. Are you trying to occupy all of your time with activities to avoid thinking about your loss?
10. With the loss of a loved one are you entering into another relationship as quickly as possible to fill the void and not allowing time to heal?
11. Are you currently feeling unexplained anger at times when thinking about the loved one that passed?
12. Are you questioning your faith in a higher power to help find meaning in your loss?
13. Do you feel disappointment in not achieving goals you have set for yourself in life?
14. Are you unable to part with your loved one’s belongings?
15. Do you look at other people and resent the fact that their loved one is still alive?
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