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Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.


Inside I’m jumping for joy. I feel whole now. I feel saved emotionally, I feel supported by MYSELF.


When I got here I was in so much pain, I can only describe it as the climax of my traumatic experiences in life.  I was stuck in the downs of life and I’m so grateful that the Universe granted me grace at the perfect time, for before would’ve been too soon for me to come here, after would’ve been too late. 

I have more work to do when I go home – lots more, for the rest of my life I have work to do and Brookhaven has given me the tools to work with so that I can build Mastery in recovery, out of the pain. 

Brookhaven has shown me without anyone saying specifically this: “you are perfectly human, your thoughts and feelings are okay, if you want to grow here are a set of skills called DBT, there is hope, there are fabulous women in the world and boy do we care about you, all of you ladies.”

DBT has saved my life – it’s some perfect thing that involves me being in control of my mind in a way no one had ever told me was possible.  Why is everyone, including me, not jumping for joy as we figure out what DBT is?  Why is it not celebrated across the globe?  Why is it not taught in schools of all kinds?  Well, inside I’m jumping for joy.  I feel whole now.  I feel saved emotionally, I feel supported by MYSELF.  Thanks to the incredible staff I have learned to stop judging myself consciously.  Unconsciously I still have a few unhelpful voices, records playing but I am going to find them as I continue with DBT & EMDR after I go home.  Thank goodness I have the resources to do so.

Brookhaven has saved my heart, body, mind, and marriage.  It’s about me.  That’s what I keep hearing in my wise mind, “It’s all about me.” It’s not about what others do or do not do. It’s about what I choose to tell myself about all things.  I feel whole because I know I’m still wounded, I know I’m still and always will be, imperfect and now I can accept this and work with what I’ve got.  My life makes perfectly imperfect sense now and I have so much more than DBT to draw from as well.  The therapists here each and every interaction I have with them is healing me.  These women are what I have always wanted to be.  One day I will be my very own version in my own way.  I will be an example, strong and self-loving.  I will be efficient in my patterns and I will inspire others by simply walking my talk.

This program has given me a new inner voice, has never enabled me, and I cannot thank the program and my therapist enough. She is one of a kind. She fills me with strength of my own. The Program Director is also a person I will remember. She's stuck in my heart and always will be the face of EFFECTIVE VS RIGHT for me. Another therapist accepted me when I was off-kilter and mean. She didn't miss a beat. She stayed strong without blinking and it meant the world to me when she showed me humor and understanding when I couldn't forgive myself for being destructive. My therapist is the hardest working  woman I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She uses every gift God gave her in her work and at the same time is somehow human and needs coffee.

The PCs are stunningly patient, hardworking, polite, and respectful.  Each one has shown me what it means to be there for another person.  Thank you, I love you ladies so much.  Thank you to front office staff and if I missed or forgot anyone I apologize because every staff member has been a key into some piece of my recovery.

Administrative staff, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with you but you were integral parts of this program for me.  Thank you so much.

Very important are the chefs who were sweethearts who work so hard and never complain or seem annoyed – rather they genuinely love what they do.

The horses were dream-like creatures who healed so much for me.  Equine is truly magical.

The Group Counselor was a HUGE, HUGE part in my getting well.  She really got inside my brain and switched something on.  Thank you so so much for being you, for being so kind, so humble, so professional.  I cannot thank her enough.

Brookhaven gave me so much respect and the new dietician totally snapped me into a place of self-acceptance and feeling like I am actually able to care for my individual health as opposed to stressing about it.  I just felt a huge impact after speaking with her.

The Bodywork Therapist is not here but she saved my life in ways only she and I understand I cannot say enough about the help she was to me. Because of her I am again pursuing my passions and healing myself with touch which I had stopped doing before Brookhaven.

Thank you for taking me seriously, for taking my tarot cards for a time, for helping me take a step back, observe, release so many self-judgments and proceed mindfully.

Thanks for the paint, the canvases and the outings.  Thanks for DBT again.  DBT saved my life and all of my relationships, Brookhaven combined with DBT saved my life because this program is flawless in the way that its natural yet very precise. Brookhaven's program closed me in a very concentrated way, with DBT and general human kindness. I have self-respect now. I have self-love and self-control now. For my whole life I have struggled to contain the pain, the rage, the depression and instability and now I have the Power to do this for myself.

The support of healthy, unbiased people will always be in my life now that I have stayed at Brookhaven.

The Psychiatric help was the best I've ever experienced. Thank you to the doctor. Thank you to a specific nurse for existing. I love her so much and her words were extremely valuable to me, so much so that I felt a shift every time she spoke to me. The nurses were respectful and sweet. I appreciate every single person here.

Again, thank you to my therapist. She did something for me that I still don't understand (she won't explain it all to me because i think its just her being her and all of her training, so she can't explain it). It drives me crazy but thats what I came here for. Thank you from the bottom of my toes to my heart and above.

Thank the universe for all the classes, books, projects and every second here at Brookhaven Retreat.