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Licensing & Accreditation

Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.


I was given so many new learning opportunities each week.


I arrived on your doorstep in the dark on November 16, 2017. I was afraid and highly guarded.

I was greeted by warm smiling women that helped be begin to accept some sense of safety. My gut instinct told me that Brookhaven would be a good fit for me.

Brookhaven has been a steady process of healing - gaining insight about my history, emotions, my rational brain, and how to become mindful and measured before entering therapy groups.

As my particular challenges became evident to both me and my therapist, I began to understand the "method to the madness". Being in a group of other women 13 hours daily showed me similar situations and personalities that I was struggling with at home.

Spending time processing this with P.C.'s helped me look deep down into myself, and why I was reacting to some peers with panic, irritability, and anger.

Once I was able to let go and trust the process each day I began to find a stronger willingness; not giving up on challenges in front of me, moving into EMDR with my therapist, and joining the Poncho group. I was given so many new learning opportunities each week - through painting and art projects and new books to read each week.

The DBT skills manual has been a life saver for me. I knew many of the skills, but not as a client. I've had the additional challenge to set my role as an MSW aside and accept humility and guidance from the staff here at Brookhaven. The results have been all positive.

The ropes course initially caused fear for me. I am not a physically strong person. However, I attended each class with confidence and determination, refusing to quit the physical and mental challenges in front of me each week.

I can see how this focus keeps me on a steady path toward health of mind, body and soul.

I am extremely grateful for the Brookhaven staff and the therapy models used here. As it turns out, I love painting. I am excited to begin searching for art and painting classes in my home town.

And I am using the DBT skills every day that I am here. I am a more effective communicator and I'm able to emotionally regulate and remain in wise mind longer each day.

I am seeing glimpses of the new, real me and this feels empowering.