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Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.


May this same attitude continue to do for others as it has done for me and so many more before!


I never thought much, actually not at all, of what an attitude would be like painted. Needless to say, the “best attitude” shown to me painted. Thinking about this, my children’s innocence naturally came to mind. But, that just didn’t “seem to fit” for me in this particular scenario. What came flooding into my mind wasn’t just one “best attitude,” but several “extraordinary attitudes” I experienced from the moment of initial contact with Brookhaven Retreat. It’s a combination of the attitudes that I call “The Brookhaven Attitude.” It is this painted attitude that was shown to me. This “Brookhaven Attitude” saved my life.

An attitude of compassion: Their deep awareness of suffering within another human being and wanting to help relieve it, from the moment of contact.

An attitude of kindness: Their generous, warm-hearted nature full of sympathy and understanding. The considerate and friendly actions received when walking through the door.

 An attitude of patience: Their willingness to tolerate self-control in times of difficulty and hardships without complaint. Their enormous capacity to remain calm in stressful situations is so uplifting.

An attitude of comfort: Their help in easing my anxiety and stress in a soothing and calming way. The feeling of solace in times of fear, this environment screams comfort.

An attitude of graciousness: The goodwill, helpfulness, generosity, and warm courtesy given by each and every person here. They are selfless!

An attitude of non-judgmentally: The ability to be who you are without the fear of critical opinions being passed. To be able to express your true self, fully, without holding back.

An attitude of trustworthiness:  Their way of showing reliability without fault. Being able to trust and confide on so many levels; with personal and non-personal issues, knowing it will not be breached in any way. 

An attitude of security: The incredible feeling of safety is paramount. The freedom you’re given to release fear and doubt . . . coming in with so much anxiety and low self-esteem, I feel safe with my insecurities at the same time.

An attitude of charisma: Seeing the rare, personal qualities in leaders who make you want to become a better person. Their enthusiasm for life is like a magnet and draws you to them.

An attitude of courage: The ability to face your fears head on with bravery. The wanting to change in spite of your trauma or yourself.

An attitude of self-worth: Having a sense of pride in oneself. The feeling of value to self, which was never felt before crossing the threshold of Brookhaven.

An attitude of challenge: Being tested daily to affirm my own abilities of which I doubted. Being reminded I do have it in me to conquer and succeed.

An attitude of encouragement: The encompassing feeling of hope and support. Inspiration given by everyone; from the first phone call; the first introductions; the first community gathering; the first core; the first everything! The “cheering on” to be a better you in every facet of your life is sung daily many times.

An attitude of teaching/knowledge: The everlasting love and fulfillment seen on therapist; counselors; PCs; nurses; chefs; etcs; faces when sharing what they’re studied and learned, then practiced with me and it works! The “method to the madness” saying rings true in this aspect and I feel like I am “proof in their pudding!”

Dear Brookhaven Retreat

This “Brookhaven Attitude” is my heartfelt testimony to each and every staff member who is a part of this life-changing, astounding program. I truly believe in the process and value the integrity for which stands. Walking in on that September day was one of the scariest times of my life. I felt lower than low; sadder than sad; madder than mad; more hurt than hurt; lonelier than lonely. Even at my worst, I was always treated with the utmost respect, allowing me to grasp what dignity I felt I had left. Had I not been afforded this opportunity to get well, I know my life surely would have ended. For this, I will forever be eternally grateful for the “Brookhaven Attitude.”

May this same attitude continue to do for others as it has done for me and so many more before!