It was such a healing time for me

I don't know how to tell you how life-saving Brookhaven has been for me. I credit so much of my healing to you [Jacqueline] and Marta.

From the day you took me into your office and told me so many good things about myself, how you believed in me, and how you took a chance by inviting me in to Poncho-a tremendous amount of my healing began that day. I have loved Poncho because of you. Thank you for sharing of yourself, for the amazing tools and life coaching you have taught. Through you and Poncho I've learned more self-confidence, self-esteem-because you built that in me. I've learned a lot about myself from the assignments-they've been incredibly helpful and often soul-searching.

Thank you for who you are and all you've done for me. It was such a healing time for me. Thank you for being there and for sharing all you did.

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