Take the Next Step

The more information you collect, the more web sites you look at, the more questions you ask, the more you will know which service is really speaking to you about your particular needs. Nothing can replace doing the legwork. If this is too difficult for you, you need to get people to help you.

There may seem like many roadblocks are in the way which can make the thought of reaching out for a higher level of clinical care formidable. Remember, being stuck at the bottom of a cave with no emotional light is frightening.

The racing thoughts, second guessing, self-disappointment, fear of judgement and sheer immobilization are going to work against you. You must move through this research and fact-finding process in tiny steps.

Many women have already tried so very hard to find a way forward and have often become exhausted. They know the secret truth that nothing is going to get better staying at home. One thing to remember is that how this has all come about is not now the real issue. What is important is what you are going to do about it and how to manage a life plan forward. Do not be surprised how many people are ignorant of mood, personality and addiction disorders. Mood, personality and addiction disorders have been stigmatized for so long that it sometimes makes women afraid to actually have them professionally, clinically treated. Only you have the whole story of you.

We want to know your story and teach you how to become well. Only you can take that step to leave the land of the "walking dead" and find your way to the land of emotional wholeness. We have the tools. You have to be willing to take them and learn to use them.

It is up to you to have the shackles of emotional slavery removed.

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