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Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is not just the butterflies before a speech. It is much more than shyness, or nervousness. Social anxiety disorder causes intense and overwhelming fear over everyday activities such as talking on the phone, eating with others, or just going shopping. Women affected by it live their life in fear of doing or saying something they think will be humiliating, embarrassing or judged.

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  • Dismantle Fears

    Dismantle Fears

    Social anxiety creates an isolated ivory tower existence, disrupting normal life, interfering with social relationships, and impairing both work and school activities. This anguish can often be associated with depression, PTSD and panic.

    The self-consciousness experienced by those suffering from social anxiety is triggered by the sound of their own voice and negative thoughts about themselves. These feelings create an internal misery that can take over the activity of the mind. Watching women who have been completely immobilized by this disorder accept the mentoring needed to shift the thoughts, re-shape focus and dismantle the fears in order to enter a paced life that builds self-esteem is like the removal of invisible shackles.

  • Get Help forSocial Anxiety Disorder Today

    Get Help forSocial Anxiety Disorder Today

    Social anxiety causes overwhelming thoughts such as:

    • “I’m boring”
    • “I’m unlovable”
    • “What if nobody likes me?”
    • “What if I run out of things to say?”
    • “I’m weird”
    • “No one will talk to me”
    • “I’m inadequate”
    • “I look stupid”
    • “Everyone is judging me”

    Experiencing one or two of these is normal, but if you encounter most or all of these thoughts and fears frequently, and they stop you from enjoying life and interfere with daily activities you may be suffering from this disorder. Our Social Anxiety Disorder quiz will help you determine if you should seek help in order to re-establish a life worth living.