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The Lily Program® ~ An Individualized Mental Health Program For Women


The Lily Program®

An individualized 90-day mental health treatment program for women

The Lily Program® is the overarching framework for the progression of services at Brookhaven. We believe that when a woman comes to Brookhaven Retreat she is at her most vulnerable and needs a supportive and nurturing healing environment. The Lily Program® is a comprehensive treatment program that includes a variety of clinical program modalities but begins with the creation of a unique individualized treatment plan tailored specifically for each client. As women progress through the program they move from an initial focus on gaining insight and working on past issues to a more present-centered, “here and now” focus. Later as they advance further the orientation will shift to a more future-oriented focus as they begin the work on the more difficult piece of how to stay well long-term. Below is a breakdown of the progression of services that we offer to all of our clients as part of the 90 day Lily Program®.

Individualized Care Plan

  • Assessment/Evaluation: Upon admission each client willindividualized care take part in the following assessments in order to help the treatment team understand all aspects of the client. With permission, we will also gather information from supportive family members and outpatient treating providers in order to create as accurate a picture as possible. These assessments/tests include:
    • Full Medical History & Physical Examination
    • Integrated Psychiatric & Psychosocial Evaluation
    • Routine Laboratory Tests
    • Urine Toxicology Screens
    • Nutritional Assessment
    • Referral for Additional testing as needed (for example, Neuropsychological Testing, Sleep Studies, or outside medical tests)
  • Treatment Plan: An initial treatment plan will be formulated within the first 24 hours of admission and within the first week the plan will be refined and reviewed with the client. Treatment goals of the client will be incorporated and the specific interventions that we will use to achieve those goals will be explained in detail. We consider the formation of the individualized treatment plan to be a collaborative process between the client and the team.
  • Ongoing Treatment Planning: On a daily basis, each client’s progress in their individualized treatment plan is discussed in interdisciplinary team meetings. Clients also meet every few weeks with the key members of their treatment team in order to update the treatment plan and offer additional directions to treatment as new issues emerge and themes are identified. Thus, the treatment plan is not a static document but a plan that evolves as each client progresses through The Lily Program®.

Clinical Program Modalities

  • Psychiatric Sessions: These routine appointments withtherapy room Brookhaven’s psychiatric team involve a thorough look at the psychiatric history and medication trials for each client, thus allowing an individual medication plan to be developed. The psychiatrist works closely with all other treatment providers so that the most accurate diagnosis and medication regimen can be identified.
  • DBT Skills Groups: The DBT Skills Groups are taught several times per week with focus on increasing skills related to Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.
  • Core Group Psychotherapy: This hour long process based psychotherapy group is scheduled twice daily throughout the week and is led by the primary therapist of the client and the other women working with that therapist. This small group of 4-8 women involves a greater depth of processing and perspective sharing than any other and is a highly effective intervention.
  • Individual Therapy:This hour long session occurs every week and targets the individualized goals on the treatment plan and is meant to focus on those things that may not be appropriate for sharing in the group context. Types of therapy that are typically used includes:
    • DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    • CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
    • MI – Motivational Interviewing
  • Family Therapy: This hour long session occurs every week (either in person, via telephone conference or skype) and targets family education and processing of issues identified on the treatment plan.
  • Equine Therapy: This modality is widely used in the program and is offered each week in a group format. This can also be scheduled as an individual or family session when clinically indicated.
  • Art Therapy: We offer many artistic projects that stimulate other avenues of expression to help each client progress in the program.
  • Experiential Groups: Brookhaven Retreat offers a wide variety of experiential groups. for clients to chose from. Each group is offered approximately weekly and designed within a 12 week curriculum. Some examples of experiential groups include: Healthy Families, Healing Journey, Grief & Loss, Self Esteem, Extreme Self Care, and the Ropes Course.
  • Mindfulness: Mindfulness begins each day at Brookhaven Retreat and is a mindful grounding for the day to ensure focus, affirm self and in order to start the day with a sense of peace and connection.
  • The Poncho® Program: This feature of the programclinical program modalities typically begins for an individual after approximately 30 days in The Lily Program®, as this intervention is more future oriented. This component of The Lily Program® is exclusive to Brookhaven Retreat and features a planning manual addressing 30 critical areas of living for life planning needs and maintain recovery after discharge. Four life coaching sessions per week, weekly books, weekly projects and a weekly social event are key components of this program.
  • The Family Program: Brookhaven Retreat emphasizes the importance of support by the family involvement in the treatment process. Weekly family therapy sessions, scheduled visitation, and planned off campus and overnight/weekend passes are examples of common approaches to family involvement in treatment. Family members may also be asked to do their own assignments and reading as part of the treatment. This is a very individualized aspect and will be addressed as part of the treatment planning.
  • Wellness Program: Brookhaven Retreat’s mission is to help clients develop a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. Balancing physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs is key to both a successful life and a sustained recovery from mental health and addiction problems. Brookhaven’s Wellness Program is designed to help clients address their physical, social and spiritual needs while their emotional needs are being actively addressed through The Lily Program®.
  • Aftercare Program: Continuing aftercare is recommended and arranged for every client we see at Brookhaven Retreat. Brookhaven Retreat provides several modalities as part of the Aftercare Program that provide ongoing support for former clients. These include a weekly Aftercare conference call, an aftercare website, follow-up interviews and an annual reunion.


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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.