Poncho® Life Skills

The Poncho® Program is Brookhaven Retreat’s revolutionary “life realignment program” developed in order to equip our clients for success after discharge.

The Poncho® Program was designed specifically for women to address the many aspects of life affected by their emotional challenges in mental health, substance abuse or addictive behaviors. Recognizing that a life lived in crisis is not neat and tidy, the Poncho® Program provides a map to recovery and progressively builds life skills. The Poncho® Program empowers clients to prioritize their own living needs and teaches them how to meet those needs in a healthy and successful manner.

poncho life skillsClients typically advance to participation in the Poncho® Program after approximately 30 days in The Lily Program® when their acute needs have been stabilized and addressed. The Program adds four life skill development group sessions per week as well as corresponding weekly book reading and assignments to work on. The core of the program is The Poncho® Program’s life-planning manual which addresses 30 critical areas of living from Finances to Values and Beliefs. Each participant works through each of the 30 areas in conjunction with counseling, therapists and coaching support. Finally, the participants in the Program also plan a weekly social gathering in order to practice structuring healthy activities. We find that clients who participate in The Poncho® Program have a higher success rate after discharge.