The Lily Program® is the overarching framework for the progression of services at Brookhaven Retreat.

We believe that when a woman comes to Brookhaven Retreat she is at her most vulnerable and needs a supportive and nurturing healing environment. The Lily Program® is a comprehensive treatment program that includes a variety of clinical program modalities but begins with the creation of a unique individualized treatment plan tailored specifically for each client. As women progress through the program they move from an initial focus on gaining insight and working on past issues to a more present-centered, “here and now” focus. Later as they advance further the orientation will shift to a more future-oriented focus as they begin the work on the more difficult piece of how to stay well long-term. Below is a breakdown of the progression of services that we offer to all of our clients as part of the 90 day Lily Program®.

Exposure Therapy
Art Therapy
Low Elements Ropes Course
Garden Therapy