Addiction Program

Throughout the entire addiction industry, there is a widespread belief that addiction and alcoholism are diseases in and of themselves, isolated from outside or more complicating causes. This belief results in the treatment of the effects of addiction and alcoholism rather than in the treatment of their root causes.

At Brookhaven Retreat we believe that addiction and substance abuse are not diseases in themselves but are often symptoms of a larger illness. In order to stop the feelings of emptiness and worthlessness, some women turn to addictive activities to make the pain go away. Addictive behaviors may include shopping, working , gambling, alcohol abuse, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, chat rooms, video games, eating or sexual activity.

None of these can fill the void and, instead, act to destroy mental, physical and emotional health even further. Unfortunately, women rarely ask for help with addictions because of the pervasive feelings of shame and a mistaken belief that they should be able to do it all and stop on their own.

The shadow of addiction and substance abuse is dark and threatening, but when faced with care and compassion, we can discover and heal these ailments. As a dual-diagnosis treatment center, our clinical and medical staff can address the addiction and the underlying causes that lead women to feel empty and alone.

Believing healing comes from loving one’s self, Brookhaven Retreat is a loving and non-punitive environment. While other addiction facilities often demand clients to engage in demeaning chores like scrubbing floors or washing toilets under the guise of therapy, we at Brookhaven Retreat choose to treat our clients with the utmost respect and dignity. A woman seeking treatment has a self image that is already tarnished and our task it to rebuild a healthy self image. Demeaning a client with such chores only serves to reinforce the wrong belief that she has done something “bad” for which punishment is required.

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