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Brookhaven Retreat offers treatment for women who have experienced trauma that has led to emotional and mental health conditions. Women suffering from the effects of sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, domestic violence or postpartum stress often become chemically dependent or have coexisting psychiatric diagnoses. As a fully licensed co-occurring diagnoses treatment center, our team of medical and clinical professionals can effectively work with you on all fronts and develop a path to wellness specific to your recovery needs that addresses your unique life experiences and medical history.

Not understanding your mental health issues is like living in a cocoon, a very restricted and limited life. On the journey at Brookhaven Retreat we teach you to thrive. Secrets and lies are often what keep women emotionally and mentally sick but it is possible to recover from the emotional breakage that result from trauma. Our clients find the camaraderie of an all-woman facility to be a worthwhile support as they begin their recovery.

We are proud of our program and the treatment we provide, and we welcome questions as you begin searching for a treatment center. We are available at all hours of the day to provide you with information about Brookhaven Retreat, as well as specific information about the focus and approach of our programs.

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