The Lily Program® ~ An Individualized Mental Health Program For Women

20 Things to Know

Listed here are just a few of the unique aspects of our program you should know about

  1. We are dual licensed to treat both “Dual Diagnosis” and “Acute Mental Health” patients. Brookhaven Retreat is a residential treatment facility for clients with multiple needs. We specialize in the treatment of women with both addiction and mental health diagnoses but also treat women without addiction problems. The treatment program has several tracks, as the presenting issue is usually only the "tip of the iceberg.”The women who come to Brookhaven Retreat with addiction needs very often have other issues such as mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, personality vulnerabilities or hormonally-triggered mood symptoms. Other women come exclusively for mental health treatment and may need acute stabilization or to have their medications reviewed while receiving intensive psychotherapy. We specialize in carefully reviewing the needs of each client, formulating diagnoses, designing a comprehensive treatment plan and providing the support, care and time for clients to return to health.
  2. Female Only Residential Facility
    We are a treatment facility for women only. Women are different than men and have different needs. Women often have children and even without children frequently serve as the emotional and physical center of the family.;Women’s mood states may fluctuate in conjunction with the cyclical hormonal fluctuations that all women experience. Women are more likely to be victims of trauma than men. Women have physical needs that are different than those of men. From an emotional perspective, women have a different emotional makeup and perspective than men. Finally, their role and demands within society are different than those of males.

    We want the women at Brookhaven Retreat to cut off the 'noise of life' and have the fewest possible distractions in order to focus on their journey of introspection.The program itself is designed to address the specific needs of women and the roles they have within the family and society to achieve a long-term plan of maintained wellness.

    The safety and security of being in an 'all female environment' allows women to disclose things that are very difficult and that may be impossible within a co-ed arrangement.It enhances a woman's ability to feel understood and accepted without judgment, shame or guilt. Issues of a sexual, violent, abusive or nature and abandonment issues can be more fully explored and better resolutions achieved. Finally, husbands, fathers and partners often feel more secure having their loved one in an all female facility.
  3. On-site Female Owner
    Jacqueline's powerful and innovative vision and commitment inspires clients and keeps Brookhaven Retreat on the leading edge of residential treatment facilities. Her own journey of loss and recovery gives hope to women for healing and thriving in the future, no matter what their present circumstances.

    Jacqueline is available and dedicated to maintaining the finest residential treatment program in the world.The clinical staff is carefully selected for their knowledge, experience and commitment to this vision. Having experienced brokenness, devastation and dark times after the death of her 18-year-old daughter she has already walked the path of many of the women that come to stay at Brookhaven Retreat.

    Finally, Because of Jacqueline’s hands-on-management, requests and decisions can be made very quickly. There are no tiers of hierarchy, or board of directors or partners to deal with. Jacqueline is determined to provide the best care possible for each individual client.
  4. Individualized Treatment Plan
    There are no "one size fits all" programs at Brookhaven Retreat. Every woman that comes here has a treatment plan designed specifically for her needs and circumstances.

    There are extraordinary differences between each of our client's needs. Some will have mental health problems that need to be acute addressed, others will have addictive behaviors that result in the need for detoxifications. Others will have suffered trauma that needs to be addressed in intensive therapy. Personality disorders complicate many of our client’s cases. Finally, while some women have one primary issue, many have a combination of several and need to have them all explored and treated at the same time in order to achieve a good result. Further, each client has a unique family and environmental history, a specific living arrangement, social background and set of personal experiences. The "one size fits all" approach cannot work for the women that come to Brookhaven Retreat and many of them have attended other treatments that have not worked for them specifically because this approach was taken. We will not set a woman up for failure by failing to address all aspects of each client’s case.
  5. We have a Team Approach
    The treatment meets each day to discuss each client individually one by one. The treatment team consists of the physician, nurse practitioner, nurses, therapists, floor managers, admission coordinators, after care planner and the owner. Each day the progress of each client is discussed and the treatment plan is revised as the needs of the client evolves.

    There is a tremendous benefit in having all the clinical team in one place at one time to understand all the perspectives and dynamics of an individual's needs and to discuss a unified treatment plan. Other facilities often suffer from a lack of communication between different aspects of the treatment team leading to misunderstandings, differing diagnoses, wasting of time and resources, and frustration on the part of the client. At Brookhaven, all members of the team are able to pool their expertise and recommendations and discuss how they can work together to achieve the best results.
  6. One-on-One Individual Therapy, Twice a Day Group Therapy
    At Brookhaven Retreat the program includes weekly, andif needed more often, one-on-one therapy with professionals that are among the finest in the world of mental health, substance abuse and “emotional breakage” or trauma treatment. We provide evidenced based individual and group therapies including cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and EMDR (eye movment desensitization and reprocessing). Clients meet twice a day for DBT based group therapy and there are teaching groups specifically designed to teach both CBT and DBT skills. We find that the twice a day group process speeds recovery and encourages a focus on learning and using new coping skills.

    A woman's psychological and emotional status plays a significant part in addictive behavior and the development of mental health problems. Guilt, shame, traumatic memories, feeling 'less than perfect,' demoralized and/or out of control all contribute to self-medicating and addictive behaviors. The root of these difficulties may not be immediately obvious and may have been kept hidden as a long-term secret. The feelings may be so difficult to cope with that managing normal life pressures and/or significant losses simply becomes overwhelming.

    When this happens a woman needs professional assistance to plot out where the pain is coming from and what needs to be put in place in order to create new coping skills. She also need support and strength to make change possible.

    Within the total privacy, safety and confidentiality of Brookhaven Retreat, a professional therapist can enable a client to face and discuss their innermost fears, painful memories and experiences. This emotionally intensive care allows the healing process to begin and progress to understanding and recovery. Therapists support the client in learning techniques for coping and guide the client to choose healthy perspectives and habits. Nobody chooses to become sick. Through the therapeutic process our clients can choose to become well.
  7. Equine Assisted Therapy
    We have four Tennessee Walking Horses on location on the 48-acre grounds at Brookhaven Retreat. These horses are not for riding; all the work with them is done on the ground. We use equine assisted therapy for individual sessions as well as family therapy, particularly when there are younger children involved. These horses are trained specifically for therapy, as are the certified therapists who conduct this part of the program. Even when the clients are not in therapy, many are horse lovers that like to just walk and visit with the horses. Horses do not judge people and they can express unconditional love. They are powerful in size and are able to reflect the emotion they sense you are feeling. They are able to connect very strongly with those that are in pain and create an environment that allows a person to talk about the most difficult of subjects. Many clients are able to feel love with them when they have difficultyloving themselves. Working with the horsespromotes serenity and tranquility within the spirit of the person and empowers the person to have a more positive relationship with herself. The gentle therapeutic nature of these horses encourages fears to be faced and allows insight to develop into how the person is interacting with others. Equine assisted therapy can be a powerful tool for self-understanding, insight, and the development of new ways of interacting with others.
  8. Spiritual Counseling
    Spiritual counseling has nothing to do with religion but instead deals with the heart and spirit of a person. When struggling with mental health problems and addictions many people neglect their spiritual well-being and have often lost or do not have a belief system. Working to develop awareness of one’s spiritual side can provide healing that other therapeutic modalities do not.

    We are all spiritual creatures and for each of us there is a plan and a purpose. Discovering your individual purpose and plan can be the most delightful and important discovery you will ever make.
  9. Holistic Bodywork
    Brookhaven Retreat offers reflexology on site twice per week. We will also make appointments and transport you to off site appointments for acupuncture, massage, and salon services. These bodywork therapies often facilitate the relief of physical pain and clear fatty and muscle toxins that have been left behind after alcohol and drug use.

    Using a range of treatments including both traditional and holistic approaches is consistent with Brookhaven’s philosophy of leaving "no stone unturned". Bodywork also assists with self-esteem and confidence, which are often eroded greatly in ourclients. In the setting of addictive behaviors and poor self-care there is often a buildup of toxic substances and the more cleansed the body can bethe better the overall health can become. Many of our women have neglected their self-care routines due to emotional distress and/or substance abuse issues and during the course of treatment are able to develop a self-care routine again. These self-care routines are an important part of maintaining both physical and emotional health after discharge from Brookhaven.
  10. Limited Enrollment
    We only accept a limited number of women into the program at any one time.

    It is easy to lose one’s identity and not feel individually recognized in a larger program. In programs where there are sixty, eighty or even one hundred other clients, individualized approaches and the strong sense of camaraderie found at Brookhaven Retreat are almost impossible. Here, the philosophy dictates that each client's circumstances and story is unique and enough time and attention is given to their particular needs to ensure the best possible results and long-term outcomes. Brookhaven has a private school feel with small daily core groups. In this setting, it is very difficult for a client's needs to "slip through the cracks" or to go unnoticed. This does not mean that every issue will be resolved while in treatment and each woman that chooses to come to Brookhaven Retreat must play their part by engaging in the program to the best of her ability. However, a smaller enrollment allows a range of modalities to be used rather than just the traditional approaches, thus achieving a comprehensive contemporary treatment plan.
  11. The Campus at Brookhaven
    The property at Brookhaven Retreat is nestled on a naturally beautiful 48-acre, secluded site in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The grounds are superbly landscaped, which adds to the tranquility and serenity needed to make the journey of introspection and self-understanding. The ability to take strolls in the woods, by the creek or jog the walking paths allows you to find quiet places to meditate. Each season has a beauty of its own at Brookhaven Retreat, without any extremes in weather. Many of our clients have attested to the healing power of the natural environment at Brookhaven Retreat, including those experiencing grief and loss of a loved one.

    Many of the experiences of the women who come to Brookhave are painful, tragic and sad. Being in a serene and peaceful environment where the day-to-day noise of life has been turned off creates a calm, safe environment, which protects the dignity of each individual. Our clients need to feel safe and protected in order to begin to restore the broken pieces of their lives and to start re-building self-esteem and confidence, which is pivotal to moving forward.
  12. Our Unique Approach to Addiction, Substance Abuse, Emotional and Mental Health Treatment
    Throughout the addiction treatment industry there is a widespread belief that addiction and alcoholism are diseases in and of themselves, isolated from outside and more complicated issues. This belief results in a focus on the treatment of the effects of addiction and alcoholism rather than examining the true origination and root causes. We believe that addiction and substance abuse are symptoms and a manifestation of “brokenness” or emotional damage,that often has not allowed a person to achieve emotional maturity. This, in our experience, can usually be linked with mental health problems such as mood disorders, anxiety and trauma or emotional disturbances such as feelings of emptiness, worthlessness or a lack of will to go on living. Many women who are having trouble coping and are simply overwhelmed by the demands and circumstances in which they find themselves will attempt to "numb out" in order to try to cope. We often see that this behavior hasbeen used by several generations within a family. While this behavior allows the pressures, disappointments, frustrations and pain to temporarily go away, the problem is that the feelings of being overwhelmed come right back.

    We also believe that there are many types of addictive behaviors beyond substance abuse. Addictive behaviors are diverse and may include shopping, working, exercising, gambling, participating in chat rooms, video games, eating or sexual activity in addition to abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs or illicit substances. None of these behaviors can actually fill the emptiness a person feels and instead act to destroy mental, physical and emotional health even further. During addiction a woman cannot typically see or feel the consequences of her actions, but she does know she wants it to stop. Women rarely ask for help because they are often suffering from pervasive feelings of guilt and shame and a mistaken belief that they should be able to stop on their own. The shadow of addiction and substance abuse is dark and threatening. However, with a support team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who have a philosophy of having no judgment, but providing support with care and compassion, we believe that women can overcome their addictive behaviors and lead a productive and healthy life.

    We see the proof that our approach of support and compassion without negative judgement works wondersproven every week at Brookhaven Retreat. We find that a large part of the healing process involves learning to love oneself again,accepting and resolving emotional issues and traumas and becoming physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
  13. On-Site Detoxification Treatment
    We provide on-site, full medical detoxification with 24-hour supervision. We try very hard to make this process as comfortable as possible. It is absolutely essential that if one requires a detoxification in order to safely discontinue alcohol or substance dependence that this process is undertaken in a qualified setting. There are many medical complications that can take place which can be life threatening for some. We have a variety of protocols, which are used to achieve a medically safe detoxification and afterwards a safe transition from full time medical care into the different levels of the Brookhaven program. Some of our clients are very afraid of the detoxification process as they have had uncomfortable experiences in the past. At Brookhaven Retreat our full time nursing staff will do all that is possible to get our clients through those difficult first few days.

    Before the therapeutic journey can begin, those with substance abuse dependency must become physically free of their dependence so that they can then concentrate on the healing process without the distraction of physical signs and symptoms of withdrawal. We find it very helpful to work with each of our clients from the time they have decided to go into treatment prior to their admission to Brookhaven. Through this process we find that a great bond of trust develops which allows a commitment to the program and increased engagement from the beginning-ultimately leading to better outcomes for the client. Some clients do undergo detoxification at another facility before finding Brookhaven Retreat. In this situation we work closely with the other facility in order to gather a thorough background history so the client can move forward easily and quickly after transfer to Brookhaven.
  14. On-Site Nursing
    We have nursing staff on the premises 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    The women who come to Brookhaven Retreat are seeking help and safety. To insure the safety of every client we provide 24-hour nursing care and medication management. Many clients have neglected themselves and will need assistance with ignored ailments. Others have chronic medical problems that will need active management. Our nurses are compassionate, caring and highly trained in the delivery of good care. They work under the supervision of dedicated nurse practitioners and the Medical Director.
  15. We have licensed and experienced therapists who are dedicated to the Brookhaven philosophy
    All of our therapists are state licensed or certified and have considerable experience. All of our therapists have either a a Masters or Doctorate level degree. Each therapist carries a small caseload of individual clients so that clients will know their therapist very intimately. All the therapists have different talents and skills and we work hard to match clients and their individual needs with a good "therapeutic fit”.

    We believe in the philosophy, "the quality of your life is determined by the quality of those in it," and believe that it applies to the professionals in one’s life as well. The women who choose to come to Brookhaven Retreat usually have a complex set of mental health and behavioral issues and therefore need a staff capable of working with the complexity but are also able to do so with caring and compassion. We have a staff team that is second to none, and we are told by our clients all the time just how much having the "right" team made the difference.
  16. No Scrubbing Floors or Washing Toilets At Brookhaven, unlike other facilities, clients are not required to perform menial tasks.
    We believe that it is demeaning to a person who is ill and seeking treatment to be asked to wash our floors and scrub toilets as one is asked to do at many treatment centers. At Brookhaven Retreat clientswill be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. We would no more ask a client to scrub a floor than would a hospital treating patients for medical problems. A broken woman who is seeking treatment has a self image that is already tarnished. One of our tasks is to help rebuild a healthy self-image in the women who come to us for help. Requiring a client to perform manual and often degrading tasks sends that message and reinforces the believe that the client has done something “bad” which requires punishment. At Brookhaven Retreat, our goal is to discover the malady, heal it, and return the client to a purposeful and productive life. We teach self, physical and emotional regulation. We do not concur with a punitive mindset. Our women are adults and are to be honored for their courage in getting help.
  17. The Serenity of Brookhaven Retreat
    There is a quality about Brookhaven Retreat that words cannot convey. Nearly everyone who comes to Brookhaven Retreat has commented that the actual experience of being here far surpassed anything they imagined from looking at our web site or from their initial conversations with us. Words like, "serene", "beautiful", "peaceful" are heard. After you have been at Brookhaven Retreat a few days, you will most likely say what almost everyone says, "This is the best thing I ever did for myself. I love it here. This is the right place for me." When a new client walks in the door of Brookhaven Retreat, the other women who are already there welcome her and tell her she made the right choice. No one wants to be struggling through life. When our women learn there is no shame in taking a sabbatical to complete a journey of introspection so they can find answers they become unshackled to the slavery of feeling less than whole.
  18. Family Therapy
    Involving different members of a patient's family and friends with the treatment process is crucial to recovery. It is just as important that the family learns about the process of recovery, understands their role in the life of the client, and how they can be supportive to the client in moving forward with life. After admission to Brookhaven Retreat, each woman undergoes a process of redefining herself and becoming strong and independent. In order to promote a return to full health, it is necessary to help families to understand and appreciate the process of treatment and continued recovery. Family therapy will allow each client to work through past issues with family members while in a safe and nurturing environment. Family members who participate often include husbands or partners, young or adult children, parents, siblings and other more extended family members. Each family that participates has an opportunity to improve their relationship with the client and, in addition, become educated in understanding the needs of their loved ones both in the present and after discharge.
  19. Continuing Care Program
    Every client who graduates from our treatment program receives a continuing care plan and ongoing support after she leaves Brookhaven Retreat. Our continuing care program ensures success and health after discharge from Brookhaven Retreat. Our continuing care program has several components. The first component begins the first week of the client’s stay and continues until the client leaves and consists of in-depth discharge planning. Each week as the program deepens, we endeavor to discover more ways in which we can assist the client after she leaves. During individual sessions, we provide options that are hand tailored to suit each client’s situation when they return home. For example, we work with clients to find a sober coach and living environment. We become thoroughly familiar with each client and set up important aspects of healthy living after discharge such as enrolling in a gym, finding AA meetings and hiring a fitness trainer. We are particularly careful about providing on-going care providers with a history and recommendations and make sure that follow-up appointments are schedule shortly after discharge. A part of the planning that takes place for discharge includes participating in the Poncho program. This unique program designed and overseen by the founder and owner involves examining every aspect of a woman’s life and preparing a plan for maintaining health in that area- i.e. developing a “poncho” for bad weather. By participating in this program, each client will leave Brookhaven with a complete life plan that will facilitate healthy living after discharge. A second component of our continuing care program includes phone sessions with recovery coaches who provide provide support for any potential triggers that may arise after returning home and who will assist you the client in achieving goals they have now that theyare sober. For clients with busy schedules, these phone sessions are convenient and highly effective. A third component of our continuing care program is our alumnae program. We have an alumnae aftercare conference call once per week for all alumnae. Additionally we have two alumnae reunions per year as a way of celebrating recovery and reconnecting with friends. The alumnae group is a great source of support, particularly for recently discharged clients. In the final session before leaving, we go over the client’s individual continuing care packet. In this packet each therapist with whom the client has worked inserts his or her personal recommendations and goals for the client after discharge. All appointments, addresses and contact information for the continuing care therapists as well as Brookhaven’s Continuing Care personnel are also included. in this packet. We strive to ensure that each client receives the finest care available even after discharge from Brookhaven Retreat, and our clients tell us they feel as if they will always be a part of us.
  20. Creature Comforts
    Consistent with our philosophy of providing nonjudgemental support, we invite clients to use our telephones and computer. Clients may also bring their favorite music, books, blanket and other things they normally use when at home. We believe that using telephone cards and harsh regimes that keep clients separate from family and friends as found in other facilities only causes stress and anxiety. As much as possible, a client's normal life should continue when they come into treatment. We will weave our treatment program into the client’s life so they will not experience stress from being out of contact with loved ones or business needs while they are here. We believe that this approach permits clients to achieve maximum effectiveness from the program. An added benefit of this approach is that when clients leave Brookhaven Retreat they will not experience any “return shock” leading to a revolving door of treatment.

    We have many other therapeutic and program components that can be viewed right here on our web site, including a program overview and client testimonials. We invite you to call us, toll free, (877) 817-3422, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to talk about how we can help you, your family member, or client. From the entire treatment team and staff of Brookhaven Retreat, we wish you good fortune in pursuing the goal of returning to radiant health.