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Licensing & Accreditation

Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.


I learned how to find myself...


I'm so thankful that both of my daughters love me enough to find a place like Brookhaven Retreat.

I had gotten so sick and just kept getting worse so that something had to be done. We all 3 went to the doctor together and the doctor told me that I have had a nervous breakdown and was headed for another if I didn't get something done. I had lost my mother, brother, and my dad, and going through a divorce after 37 years. My heart was so broken that I was just a mess. The girls told me that Tennessee was going to be the closer place to me. I was scared of leaving my home, buy I was so sick that I told both my girls let's just go. At that point I didn't even know who I was. I was just going to stay 90 days, but I wasn't ready so I stayed an extra 30 days. I learned how to find myself & what skills to use when I needed them. I pray that I can keep it together and be well. I know that I will still have bad days but I will know how to get through things a little easier. I will be going to the therapist & groups if I have some close. It scares me thinking about going home, but I know I will have support & I need to have lots of faith in God, knowing he's in control of my life anyway.

I think everyone at Brookhaven were great & so helpful.


Our Formula for Success

Overall, my stay here has been a wonderf
I feel strong in myself that I am able t

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