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Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.


I can honestly say how being here for the full 90 day program has significantly changed my life and I can see so clearly how I really needed it


This letter is so bittersweet yet exciting for me, let me count the ways you have changed my life. ……..I have learned & practiced mindfulness every day. I am so appreciative, grateful & thankful for being given the opportunity of a lifetime at Brookhaven. I have learned new tools and built new confidence level to conquer anything I put my mind to. I am able to set boundaries with people and ask them to do the same with me. I’m able to say I love you to my brothers and I mean it, which alone is a miracle in itself. I am fully communicative and expressive, I have learned radical acceptance, how to be more patient, to listen and think before speaking, to take time out for me, the list goes on…….

I can honestly say how being here for the full 90 day program has significantly changed my life and I can see so clearly how I really needed it. Although it was quite hard times for me to accept staying that long, it was worth its weight in gold. This is most rewarding letter I will ever write, so here it goes. Thank you to the entire team at Brookhaven For helping me work through this magnificent 90 day program. I have truly enjoyed working with every single staff member, which really shows me that this is the best place in the country for women to recover. The uniqueness of this program, the hardworking, awesome and caring staff, the holistic approach, the tailored classes, awesome therapist and doctors, incredible team and the diverse yet aggressive schedule really sets Brookhaven apart. Although I will say that coming to Brookhaven and working the program has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, it has also been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience. I have been blessed to have two brothers who love me very much, one of which gave me the “Brookhaven Retreat” as a gift. No gift can ever replace this one, as it is the most precious gift of Life, Health, Happiness, Strength, Courage and Independence and a fresh new start in life, which I will treasure forever. I wanted to personally say “Thank You” to each and every staff member starting with my therapist: Marlaina, Thank you so much for believing in me, pushing me, being hard on me ……. And “Yes” you did read that correct. Thank you for standing beside me when times were tough, putting up with me and standing up for me. You are the best therapist I have ever had and I will always treasure what you have done to help me become a stronger more powerful woman. Through all my tears, hardships, fears & frustrations you pushed me along, I don’t know how, but we all know what mad skills you have…….I will always remember the promise you made to me during my intake, while I was sitting in the chair, you actually sat on the floor in front of me and tole me to trust you and that if I did you would get me well, that you did. As time went by I learned to trust and believe in you Marlaina. You are such a driven, focused, amazing professional woman who has impacted the lives of so many women. To the doctors: Dr. Ownby & Dr. Houser, I am so impressed with both of you, your incredible bedside manner, care, knowledge, kindness and friendliness shine bright. You are by far the best two doctors I have ever met and I truly mean that, to the PC’s: Dana, Megan, Donita, Michelle, Amy, Doris, Helen, Anastasia & Diane who are all so awesome, caring, fun, loving, kind, attentive and patient, to the Program Managers: Deb & Dana, who are both such an inspiration to me and lift my spirit every time I see them, to the Front Staff: Brittany, Gena & Lori who are all so supportive, caring, kind, loving, friendly, fun and who brighten up my days.

To the Reflexologist: Stephanie, a great teacher who is caring, kind, talented, gracious and patient. She has taught me many unique stretches and exercises, which I will utilize once I leave. She also relaxed and soothed me each and every time I seen her for reflexology. To the Kitchen Staff: Josh, Casey, Anna, Jessica you are all so very friendly, kind and professional. Your food presentation is beautiful and the food tastes delicious. I will really miss all the healthy plates and teatime. To the Discharge Planner: Jessica, Thank you for being so efficient, sweet, caring and kind. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. You always have the brightest smile on your face, which really makes me happy. To all the Therapists: Sharon, Katherine, Lana, Deby, Julia, Thank you all for the great classes and teaching me the skills which I will use the rest of my life. I am now able to move forward with grace and a positive attitude because of each one of you. I learned so many mad skills from each one of your classes. To the Dietician: Charity, your grace and kindness along with your positivity and knowledge glows for all to see. Thank you for making such enjoyable healthy snacks and meal plans for us. To the Art Therapist: Rebecca who always puts a big smile on my face and gives great insight to all my art projects, to the Pink Ladies: Peggy & Janice who always have great smiles and sweet kind words for me every day. You both work so hard to make sure the Brookhaven Retreat is sparkling clean. Also, thank you for making my living quarters fresh, comfortable and clean, its very much appreciated. To the Equine Master: Tony who has been so patient, kind, educational, fun, professional, caring and who I highly respect, to the Maintenance Crew: Steve & Perry who are so kind, respectful, funny and professional and keep the place in great shape, to the Nursing Staff: Coco, Amber, Lisa, Kaitlyn, April, Michelle, Stephanie, Alicia, Melissa, Anna who all show such love, kindness, support and care. I could not ask for a better team of nurses, you guys are the best. To the Busines Team: Ana, Kristy & Susan who have been so kind, considerate, supportive, understanding and caring, especially when doing my partial intake over the phone and my actual intake once I arrived at Brookhaven. We all know how many hours it took for me to sign the bottom line on the paperwork, ha, ha, ha………just ask my brother about that one…..To Jacqueline, the Queen of Brookhaven, if it weren’t for you I’m not sure where I would be today. I do believe everything happens for a reason and I am grateful and blessed to have chosen this facility that you created from all your years of wisdom, experience and willingness to help each and every women find her way. You are a lifesaver to me and to every woman who walks in the door at Brookhaven. You are such an inspiration, the kindness and love you showed me just on the phone right before I came to Brookhaven was incredible. By you knowing that I had just lost my mother and understanding what I was going through really touched my heart. I knew right away that Brookhaven was the place for me just from our initial conversation. I am touched that you called me a few times after to make sure I was okay and that I was packed and ready to come to start my new journey. Well take a look at me now…..Wow, what a difference, its surreal to me, “Thank You” as I will never forget you or the Brookhaven staff. Your own personal life experience & journey built this facility and gave me my life back. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude, love, admiration and appreciation I have for you. Thank you for opening up this special “Retreat at Brookhaven” and for having such a passion for each and every woman who enters its doors. It has been a life changing experience for me. I feel amazing and I am so ready to start my new life journey, which will be healthy, happy, communicative, strong and holistic with healthy relationships.


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