The Lily Program® ~ An Individualized Mental Health Program For Women

Broken and In Despair

I came to Brookhaven a broken individual.  I am a single mother, living with chronic depression and anxiety for many years.  I have a history of substance abuse, childhood trauma, as well as adult trauma. 

I had been staring at a bottle of pills that my psychiatrist prescribed.  The pills were requested by me to help me sleep.  I actually got them to take all at once.  Something, I guess my 13 year old son, stood in the way of me taking them all.  I finally texted my sister a suicide note now determined to end my own life.

Soon my sister emailed me back; she had a list of treatment centers.  She advised me to call her when I had decided which one I was going to.  I called them all, some had answering machines and a few had a person on the other end.  I waited for some to call back that never did.  But Brookhaven was different.  Amy answered my call and was very affirming.  She promised literature the next day, and it came.  When I looked at the financial end I got cold feet.  I called my sister and she said, “I don’t care about the cost, I need your short list!”  Brookhaven, I decided was the best for me.  In less than 2 days I was on my way.

I was in terrible shape.  I had been unable to stop crying for days.  I had absolutely no hope, since medication, 13 rounds of Electroshock, and intensive counseling had not helped.  Brookhaven had a rigorous program, classes back to back all day. I attended two group therapy sessions with a primary counselor every day, and up to two private counseling sessions a week.  There were also visits with psychiatrist, dietician and many others.  There were projects to complete and present, books to read, and recreational activities to be involved with.   I needed it all.

I wanted to feel better so I participated as much as possible.  Some days it seemed like I was backing up.  The wonderful staff and clients were there to pick me up.  Slowly the fog lifted to a point I could really tell I was getting better--- I had hope for the first time in years!

Although I still struggled at the end, I made it.  I have been out of BH for six weeks now.  I am happier than I’ve been in years.  I will say that is pretty much a miracle for me.  Cindy C

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