The Lily Program® ~ An Individualized Mental Health Program For Women

Key Points of Therapy

Being at Brookhaven for 60 days provided me several key points of therapy:

  1. My psychiatrist, Dr. Wood, helped get me on the right medications that worked better for me. She monitored my progress and saw me on a bi-weekly basis, and was also accessible any day of the week if I was having crucial sleep issues that needed to be addressed right away. She adjusted my sleep medication for me throughout my entire stay to get it to its optimal effectiveness.
  2. Equine therapy provided a live scenario in which I received therapy from working with horses. The horses were so good at reading my emotions, and would respond to me accordingly. So I had to learn to be at ease and confident with them in order to get them to do what I wanted or guided them to do. The more at ease I was with them, the more comfortable they were with me. It also taught me how to be confident, despite the emotional pain I was feeling.
  3. Ropes course required a lot of focus and concentration. It made me realize that when I focused on what I was doing in the moment, my emotional pain would go away. It also provideda great opportunity to work as a team with my fellow clients. The more teamwork we had, the more successful we were at achieving our goal in the course. This was very fulfilling, and also gave me insight into myself and the issues I was working on.
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