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Licensing & Accreditation

Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.

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Our Location

Brookhaven Retreat's Location

Nestled on 48 secluded acres in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Brookhaven Retreat draws upon the serenity of our surroundings to offer modern, holistic care with compassion and respect. Our gardens, pastures and woodlands provide a comfortable environment for our contemporary, research-based techniques and components. Brookhaven Retreat is located at the junction of three major interstate systems - I-40, I-75 and I-81, and within a day's drive of 75% of the nation's marketplace.

Travel Arrangements

Our clients travel to Brookhaven Retreat in a variety of ways. Some fly. Some drive. We have full concierge arrangements from any of the Knoxville area airports. We need you to email us your travel schedule in advance for us to make those arrangements. Whenever possible, please provide the original itinerary documents from your airline or travel service. Upon receipt of your travel information we will arrange for your concierge transfer to Brookhaven Retreat. 

If flying, we recommend a direct flight whenever possible. Please let us know if you are being accompanied on a flight.

Some clients may need an escort to come and assist them during the journey. This is a matter that would be individually discussed and has a separate fee.

Links to Commonly Needed Directions

Click the links below to quickly get commonly-used driving directions. Maps and directions will open in a new browser window.

McGhee Tyson Airport to Brookhaven Retreat

Knoxville Downtown Island Airport to Brookhaven Retreat

TAC Air Co. (private airport to Brookhaven Retreat

Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge Airpor to Brookhaven Retreatt

I-40 East (from Nashville, TN) to Brookhaven Retreat

I-40 West (from Ashville, NC) to Brookhaven Retreat

I-75 North (from Atlanta, GA) to Brookhaven Retreat

I-75 South (from Lexington, KY) to Brookhaven Retreat

Blackberry Far to Brookhaven Retreat

Note: You may also select the pink Brookhaven Retreat map pin in the map below and click "Get Directions: To Here" to obtain directions from any location.

The Knoxville area is within a day's drive of 75% of the nation's marketplace.

Asheville 82.0 mi.

Augusta 207.6 mi.

Biloxi 483.3 mi.

Birmingham 238.6 mi.

Bowling Green 154.3 mi.

Charlotte 178.9 mi.

Chattanooga 102.9 mi.

Chicago 450.0 mi.

Cincinnati 217.0 mi.

Columbia SC 216.1 mi.

Columbus, GA 253.7 mi.

Dallas 765.6 mi.

Dayton, TN 71.6 mi.

Dayton, OH 257.9 mi.

Detroit 437.5 mi.

Evansville 241.3 mi.

Fort Wayne 354.0 mi.

Gainesville 449.9 mi.

Gatlinburg 32.7 mi.

Greenville SC 116.6 mi.

Lexington 136.0 mi.

Little Rock 484.2 mi.

London, KY 76.5 mi.

Louisville 184.6 mi.

Memphis 340.6 mi.

Miami 741.3 mi.

Milwaukee 528.0 mi.

Minneapolis 792.0 mi.

Mobile 436.5 mi.

Montgomery 284,7 mi.

Murfreesboro TN 137.6 mi.

Myrtle Beach 327.4 mi.

Nashville 161.4 mi.

New Orleans 542.8 mi.

Oklahoma City 761.4 mi.

Orlando 538.3 mi.

Pittsburgh 371.9 mi.

Raleigh 300.3 mi.v

Richmond 376.3 mi.

Springfield, IL 405.4 mi.

St. Louis 387.8 mi.

Tallahassee 386.5 mi.

Tampa 564.6 mi.

Toledo 388.6 mi.

Tuscaloosa 283.3 mi.

Washington, DC 427.1 mi.

Winston-Salem 207.1 mi.

Houston 788.3 mi.

Huntsville 178.0 mi.

Indianapolis 285.1 mi.

Jackson, MS 440.5 mi.

Kansas City 619.6 mi.

Kingsport 84.0 mi.

Kokomo 329.6 mi.

Mapping Tools

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The map below shows the location of Brookhaven Retreat and important surrounding locations. Move the cursor over the icons on the map or the labels in the legend to the left of the map to display links for retrieving driving directions or to search for other locations, such as local businesses.


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