Why Seek Change?

When somebody we love, whether a wife, a daughter, a mother, or a sister, is so emotionally broken and distressed, we have to ask ourselves whether we are in fact the enabler. Some family members and/or close friends do not understand that in the name of love they have actually become the ones that allow the person in difficulty to stay sick and become even sicker. Others are frozen in fear, not knowing what to do as they watch the condition deteriorate. The behaviors can be unexpected, unpredictable, and impulsive. The whole family becomes affected, and the quality of life for all just slips away. Others just ignore the problem, thinking it is somehow going to go away on its own, sometimes pretending this is just not really happening.

It is an act of real love to assist someone we love or care for to receive the type of care they need. The reality is that everyone in the close family and circle of friends will be affected by the actions and behaviors of the emotionally broken woman. It is also true that everyone in this group of family members and friends who participates in this program will benefit and grow through the program.

While knowing what to do may be very difficult, while you are waiting and considering what to do, your loved one will become progressively worse. Your love one's getting well allows the family to reunite, have greater understanding, and learn how to move forward. All benefit from the client getting well.

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