Emotional Boundaries

Many of the women who come into our program struggle with maintaining healthy boundaries with others which has helped lead them into emotional turmoil. Often times, the women who come into our program are not really even sure what healthy boundaries look like.

Women in our society are not encouraged to have strong emotional and physical boundaries and in some situations are never taught how to have healthy boundaries. There are some women who had their boundaries infringed upon, even when they did set a boundary, such as with sexual abuse.

At Brookhaven, we try very hard to teach women empowerment, how to be assertive and how to set healthy boundaries. Once a woman is able to set healthy boundaries and assert herself, she gains a sense of control over her life and no longer allows others to tear her down.

How others treat us emotionally is up to you and by setting limits, you decide what is safe for you. By developing clear boundaries with those around you, you develop a better sense of who you are and will have a sense of peace about you. To quote Anne Katherine “The more you stop yourself from being used, the less you broadcast yourself as a victim.”